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Graphics Submission Contest

This announcement is no longer active


Graphics Submissions Contest


So, with the Community Awards done with we are moving forward and running another contest here on the Initiative. This one is all about contributions and EVERYONE wins. If this goes well we will be running similar contests for other sorts of things on our site so look out for those when they come. As it stands this is how it will work.


For this challenge everyone that submits will be getting some level of advertising. From the "Challenge Winner" up to "True Color Advertising".


How we're doing this is that we are basing it on the amount of submissions and the types of submissions. From there we are going to break down the winners into percentages which will give us our tiers and the tiers will determine the type of advertising you get. For each tier there will be a minimum set in order for that tier to have been achieved but at this time we are not releasing that information to simply encourage everyone to start submitting.


The prizes:

  • All participants will earn a tier of advertising.
  • Top 3 contributors will earn themselves an award as well as a month of patronage for free.
  • Awesome props and shout outs from the Initiative's staff.
  • Maybe some more stuff too. Feel free to suggest awards in the Discord.


If you have questions please post in the Staff Contact Center.



How it works

To submit submit items to our pre-made graphics section in our gallery:



This section is intended for other users to use these items either on their websites so please only submit things that you wouldn't mind other users to utilize. Additionally, submitting just cropped images isn't preferred.

Each submission in this graphics category will be counted starting at the time this post is made until the completion.


The Deadline is October 13th 8PM PST.

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