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  • Light Theme Dreamin of a Killer By Kit the Human

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    This theme was originally created by Josie for icyboards. With her permission, we have converted it for use for mybb. It is fully compatible with the enhanced account switcher.   Compatibility This theme is probably not compatible with myBB versions below 1.8.20, or the enhanced account switcher below 2.1.9   I recommend updating before using this theme.
  • Arceus' SMF Character Manager By Arceus

    This modification will make quite a few changes to your SMF installation to enable management of characters. This works more in favour of role-plays than SlammedDime's SubAccounts mod, intended to better streamline and simplify the use of subaccounts on SMF. This mod also comes with a conversion tool, which will transfer subaccounts over to characters. The screencaps are all from a live board using it, to demonstrate vaguely what it looks like in use, not just testing setup.   Features
  • IPS Character Mod v4.3 By Morrigan

    This Mod allows for you to post as multiple personas, characters, alts, etc but not require multiple registrations. Features are: Per group settings for: Character Accounts Creation Character Account Editing Character Account Moderation (users that are able to edit all character accounts) Character Account Approval as well as the ability to bypass approval. Character accounts are unusable until approved (if approving i
  • mixed Clair de Lune By Arceus

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    I present Clair de Lune, a feature-rich, mobile-responsive theme for SMF. This theme is full of features and has several configurable options, most of them changeable directly in the admin CP. There is a lot to this theme, it's almost like getting three themes in one. Most front-facing templates are altered and made pretty. Sorry for so many screenshots, but this is all three variations, plus the mobile stuff. Three colour-scheme theme variants: light, dark, balance (dark with light cont

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