1. Site Information


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    This forum has information regarding RPG Initiative including the code of conduct and information about the site itself.



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    Here you will find announcements, and rules regarding specific services available at RPG Initiative, such as the directory, gallery and other Initiative services.


    Use this forum to contact the RPG Initiative staff and share any comments, complaints or suggestions. This is the best way to contact the staff team.


    Welcome Center

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    Pop on in, meet new people and introduce yourself.

  2. Roleplay Conversations

    Chat & Discussion

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    The General Discussion forum is here for you to discuss anything related to roleplaying that isn't covered anywhere else on the board. Any form of roleplaying may be discussed here. We encourage you to discuss all formats of roleplaying not just forum/play by post RPGs.


    RPG Confessions

    1,546 posts

    From pet peeves to why you stick to roleplaying this is the place to do it! Confess your roleplay experiences.


  3. Creation & Development

    Got a great idea for an RPG or character but need help or want some feedback? Share it with the rest of the forum at the campfire.


    For discussions about coding and graphics whether it be for design or avatars or the building of websites.

    Code Gallery

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    Any and all codes whether they be post templates, rule templates and the like, feel free to post it here!

  4. Assistance

    Site Reviews

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    Request other members of the site to look at your site and give their opinion. This can be from veteran roleplayers to newer players just getting used to everything.


    If you are looking for a specific code or need a post template then this is the place to post your request.

    Is something broken? Not working properly? Here you can get assistance (or give assistance) for all issues with code!

    Requests for avatars, signatures, headers, pips gifs all belong here. This includes adding text to headers in the RPG Initiative Gallery or the RPG Initiative PB Gallery.


    This is the forum that you can request help in finding a playby or a graphic that fits your character.

  5. Personal RP Requests

    Find an RPG

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    It's not always easy to find an RPG that meets your needs so post here and get them to come to you!


    Here is where you can offer up a specific character that you would like to seek an RP that fits them. This, unlike the Find an RPG forum, is meant for a character specifically to be adopted/offered a site and Find an RPG is meant for general roleplay searches.


    This is the place to post requests for plots and characters related to your own character/s.


  6. Site Requests

    Canon Lists

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    Staff members may post their sites canon lists for roleplay seekers to easily find wanted canons for their genre.

    We suggest you add a prefix with the type of canon you are looking for.


    Find Staff

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    If you need assistance with your roleplay whether it's temporary or permanent, moderators, graphic artists, advertisers or beyond, search for the right person here.


    Find Affiliates

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    Exchange links with other roleplays to generate more traffic and to share the roleplay love.


  7. Challenges

    Every month we give all RPs listed within the directory the chance to get your RPG spotlighted for an entire month throughout the website. This forum will have the details of those challenges posted at the start of the month with deadlines and winners will be listed at the top of the site.



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    Come here to claim your awards, see new awards and find out when awards have been awarded!

    Prove that words are mightier than the sword by joining in some of our writing challenges.

    Challenge Winners
    The Hobbit Roleplay


    Push your skills to the max and challenge yourself by joining in some of the graphics related challenges.

    Challenge Winners


  8. Roleplay Realm

    The RP Realm Plotting and planning area. Feel free to reach out to other Initiates to see about playing some mini-plots.

    General RP

    1,000 posts

    This is the General RP section. Anything PG-13 and below can be posted here. Anything higher must be posted in the Mature RP forum.



    This is where to chat about anything that doesn't have to do with Roleplays, from art to entertainment post and chat about it here.


    The Hot Seat

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    A place that you can ask the staff those burning questions that you were always wondering about them.

    Mature Talk

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    This forum is for member's over the age of 16 to be able to talk about other topics above the PG-13 rating.


    Please visit the Staff's Eyes Only Forum and post a thread to request access to this forum. You must have your birthday in your profile to do this and you must keep it in your profile to keep access to this forum.

    Forum Games

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    This is the place to play games, be random and silly or just test something.

  10. Art Exhibit

    Writing Exhibit

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    Show off your writing in this forum!


    We recommend uploading your images to the Gallery however feel free to show it off here as well!

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  • Recent Staff Updates

    • February Update 2

      Hey again everyone!


      We have been working hard to improve the look and feel around the site as well as adding helpful new awesome features. One of those new features is Two Factor Authentication. This is currently enabled to help protect your account from being hijacked if it is ever hacked. If you have suggestions for more questions that we can add (if you choose to do security questions over Google Authenticator) than don't hesitate to post in that thread and give us some ideas!


      Next up! We have updated how blogs appear on their main page. We now have the most recent article fully shown with the other articles truncated below. It came with a Grid layout and a traditional layout. We also increased the height of the cover image to better showcase an image of your choosing!


      All around we have made some aesthetic changes to many things around the site (like the embeds that were difficult to read). We hope you enjoy them!


      Another cool feature that we added is we now have discord integration! So if you're in discord either on your computer or on your phone you will now get notified when new topics are posted around the forums. Currently it is set up to primarily post from the "Wanted, Roleplay" section and the "Roleplay Conversations" sections. In the future this may change. Please feel free to provide feedback in the Staff Contact forum to let us know if you think we should add more or remove any so we know what you like.


      Now! Onto Challenges! The Best of 2016 has been posted! We would like to thank everyone who nominated and to remind everyone to look out for these same things as we will be repeating it next year and probably with more categories! You are free to contact us and let us know of categories you think we should add! Go check out the winners here:

      Following that! We are looking for award ideas! Funny, nerdy, bizarre whatever! We want to make awards fun to both have and earn. If you have an idea for an award for something around the Initiative than please let us know what it is and how you think it should be earned! We would love more fun and creative ways to engage you!


      Moving on from awards! Our Spotlight Challenge is nearly at it's end! Don't miss your opportunity to get your site listed in the header of the Initiative for an entire month! Check it out and send us some stories about Valentine's day! Remember they don't have to be about love!


      Voting for Graphics Challenge 9 is up! Go vote for your favorite one here:

      We have also posted a new graphics challenge! It's super easy and fun! Go make some avatars of some animals!

      Think you have what it takes to write a graphic inspired challenge!? Go check out this writing challenge:

      Last but certainly not least! Don't forget about @Gothams Reckoning advice blog. Just send them a PM with your question that you would like advice on and they will post it in the blog and give you advice. You can be completely anonymous just advise GR when you send your PM.


      We just want to add that we can't have this awesome community without you! So we thank you for being awesome members and being supportive to one another! You all rock!


      <33 The Initiative Staff

      Read More
      By Morrigan in Staff Blog 2
  • Roleplay Advice

    • I don't like this person, but they've done nothing wrong.

      An anonymous user asked me:


      Someone's joined my iste and I really just don't like this person at all. I don't want to play with them and I don't want them on my forum but they haven't done anything wrong and I don't feel like I should just ban them. What should I do?


      I've written a guide about this (This person is obnoxious but isn't breaking any rules- what do?), but if you don't want this person on your site, then I can see why it might not seem as though it applies. However, my advice on the matter remains the same: just ask the person to leave.


      If something about someone sits wrong with you as an admin, then you're not required to put up with it. You deserve to feel comfortable on and enjoy your own site, which you cannot do if someone else is souring the experience for you. It doesn't matter if you can't put your finger on what bothers you about the person, and it doesn't matter if they've done nothing "wrong." The best thing to do is always to just ask the person to leave, because then you can go back to enjoying yourself and they can move on to a place where they're not rubbing the admin the wrong way- which will inevitably impact their experience on the forum whether you mean it to or not. It's not only the best thing for you, it's the best thing for them also.


      Telling someone to leave without a tangible reason behind it can be tough, though. You need to be open and honest with the person without putting blame on them. It needs to be clear in the message that nothing is up for debate and that they need to leave no matter what.


      An example of what you can say:


      Dear [name],

      Regrettably, I must ask you to leave the site as there are certain factors which mean neither one of us will be able to get the best experience out of this forum. Those factors being: I feel uncomfortable with your presence; I feel it's unfair to you to be in a community where you make others uncomfortable; and, it's unfair for those uncomfortable individuals to have to remain uncomfortable in a place where they're meant to feel safe and relaxed. 


      I apologize that this is the way of things, but you may find what you are looking for in the following communities: [links to other sites]. If not, then these resource forums might be of help: [links to resource sites].


      Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

      Best wishes,

      [your name]



      If you think that the person is going to cause problems, then you can always create a separate usergroup with posting and PMing permissions removed from them, so that there's no "damage" they can do. If you're concerned that this person is going to trash talk your forum afterwards, then this: (1) proves that they're someone who shouldn't be on your site to begin with; (2) is publicity. Even bad publicity is good publicity; (3) is nothing that anyone can hold against you. A message like the one above is calm. It might make someone hurt, but the aim is not to hurt and there is nothing inflammatory about it. If someone wants to tout your being honest and reasonable as anything but that, then it'll only convince similarly-minded individuals who you probably also don't want on your forum to stay away, and will draw level-headed folks your way. It's okay to be afraid of backlash, but in the RP community, backlash only has power if you give it power.


      Hope this helps, anon!

      - GR



      If you would like to ask me for advice, you can comment on an article or send me a private message! Be sure to include if you would like to remain anonymous.

      Read More
      By Gothams Reckoning in Ask GR - advice for RPers 1
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      I really want a plot and characters that I can fall in love with, but ultimately rip my heart out. O.o Like..I went from reading The Fault In Our Stars to Me Before You, and I used to only want happy endings, but now I think I have a strange (and mild) addiction to overly emotional/depressing ones. 

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      "It was on the water too that he saw the ley lines and the hidden clues from a man-made shrine to secrets, Venice was alive with the mystery of it and more than just masks kept them sacred. Written on the stone were the carved symbols of a revolution to come and of a revelation that was. It was here the young alchemist turned secrets to truth while the rest turned water to wine. "
      My favorite line today!

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      I feel like, since I'm just coming back to RP steadily, that this is as difficult as reentering the dating world. Should I have a note that says, "do you want to RP with me? check yes or no"?
      That's how this works, right?

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