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  • Staff Blog

    • Updates 9-6-16 By Morrigan in Staff Blog 0

      Sorry for the lack of updates recently. It's been a trying time of PC issues for me! However lots to update on this week!!


      First and foremost, congratulations to @Blackjack Bart for winning GC5! The new challenge will be posted this weekend.


      Next up! We have cleaned up our hosted accounts before we started to manage them here on IPS' software. Anyone that has our hosting it is now properly associated to your user account. You can now personally cancel or begin to donate using the Manage purchases:



      Next up! We are going to be hosting another round of CAH:

      Let us know if you are joining us and make sure that you are in discord!


      Next we are looking to know if you want to be able to edit the HTML of your posts around the site. Details are explained here:

      Additionally we want to know what your opinion of our navigation menu is. Give us your feedback here:

      Last, but not least, be sure to join into our Writing challenge! All you have to do is what you do already! Post on your sites!

      Thanks for listening and we hope you are having fun roleplaying!!

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