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  • Staff Blog

    • Updates for 6/27/16 By Morrigan in Staff Blog 0

      Thanks for the great entries to the Graphics challenge! You can vote on them here:



      There were no entries for the Writing challenge however we know that we will get some in the future! Go here for the newest Graphics Challenge:



      And here for the new writing challenge:


      Also! You only have a few days left to pick your favorites for the June Challenge:




      Last but not least! We are still looking for staff! Our highlighted staff position of the week is still the Featured Manager. All you do is feature and unfeature interesting topics around the site:


      We need this person to make sure that we have cool new threads featured at all times as well as graphics and other items!


      Thanks for reading!

    • Updates for 6/24/16 By Morrigan in Staff Blog 0

      First off we want to touch on an important subject that was brought up in a post here:


      We here at the Initiative allow for mature content to be discussed in an open forum and a safe environment. We strive to make sure that you feel safe and that you are comfortable here. If you are approached by another member regarding something that makes you uncomfortable then please report it. Being uncomfortable is not okay and we will look into all counts reported to us. If you don't know how to report something you have many options:

      1. Click the report link on the content in question (There is a report link on every post, every PM, every image, every link everything) and type your concerns into the box. The staff is then notified of your report and we look into it ASAP.
      2. Engage a staff member (You can add a staff member to any PM or else PM them directly).
      3. Simply reach out (Only Morrigan bites here)


       We take every report seriously and investigate everything. We want you to feel safe here so please tell us when you don't. 


       Next, onto more fun things! Only two more days for the graphics and Writing challenges to earn yourself some advertising space!




       Also the voting is up for the June Spotlight Challenge! Get your votes in for your favorites!


    • This Weeks New Stuff! By Morrigan in Staff Blog 0

      Hey everyone! Just a few updates!


      We would like to welcome @txernest onto the staff as our new Graphics moderator! We are still looking for more staff! Many jobs to fill! Check them out! The featured (most wanted job this week) is the Featured Content Manager!



      Also, one more week before the end of the Calendar challenge! Don't forget to get your entries in to be featured in the Initiative spotlight as well as the calendar forever!!


      Other challenges to get your entries in for are the Color Change Graphics Challenge and the Trapped Writing Challenge!


      We also want you to remember that there is voting up for the Tech Graphics Challenge!


      Finally we have gone HTTPS! Which means we are secure. You may still notice some directory links and forum pages show as "insecure" or having "mixed content". This is normal with forums unfortunately as content embedded from sites that aren't HTTPS will cause this (including images from places like photobucket and tinypic). You are free to upload your images to your post and signature or the gallery and use them if you would like to make the site more secure. In fact we recommend it! You can even use them offsite in other signatures!

    • Get some free advertising or Become a Staff member! By Morrigan in Staff Blog 0

      Just a reminder that you can still enter this weeks challenges and get free advertising in our paid advertising locations as well as in the forum description on the front page!


      You have two opportunities to enter a submission and win by going to these forums:




      Get your cliffhanger or your tech on and enter now before it's too late! Contest entries can only be entered until 6/12/16 by 8PM PST!


      Also, The Initiative is looking for staff members! We are looking for people that want to dedicate some time and contribute to the site. We have many jobs available and you can do from 1-5 jobs within any of the available teams that have available jobs! You can be our Communication Tumblr manager or our Operations Guides Manager! Check out the positions here:



      Must be an initiate to apply!

    • Fantasy Genre Confusion By Morrigan in Staff Blog 7

      After going through and updating suggested fandoms and genres there still seems to be confusion on why there is no "Fantasy" genre within the Directory and other locations on the site and I feel that we need to clear up this confusion as it appears to give pause to many people that are trying to select their "genre" and we want to try to mitigate this confusion as best as we can.


      I'm sure all of you remember my post from over a year ago here:



      The TL;DR version is that Fantasy has no genre. All things writing and roleplaying "unless they are real life accounts" are in essence "Fantasy". Not real life. As such it is our firm belief and desire to keep true to the word instead of the "assumption" that fantasy is automatically this "magic" genre. We imply that all genres are "Fantasy" so whether it's the Spy Genre, the Sci-Fi Genre, the Historical Genre or any of the others it is implied that they are all fantasies. EG Spy Fantasy Sci-Fi Fantasy, Historical Fantasy etc.


      You are free to post questions or concerns here but this is something that we firmly believe in and will not change.

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