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    Here at The Initiative, everyone is welcome. Every writing style is valued and there is room for everyone to voice their opinion. It does not matter what medium you use to roleplay, in the end we are all roleplayers who share the passion of writing. The Initiative is a place where everyone can feel safe to be who they are, to have an opinion and where we respect others and their opinions.

    What we offer:

    • Roleplay Directory - We have a robust roleplay directory that includes:
      • Common advertising links available right from the directory listing.
      • A spot for every type of roleplay category.
      • Site Updates available in your listing.
      • Comments straight in your listing.
    • Playby (Faceclaim) Directory - Finding a playby made easy. Narrow your search by traits that you're looking for in your character representation or contribute new ones.
    • Guides - From managing roleplays to how to code these guides will help you in roleplay and real life.
    • Character Exchanges - You can request someone pick up your character in exchange for you to pick up one of theirs.
    • Writing Partners - Where you can find new Roleplay partners to play with.
    • Challenges - Make your own contests to challenge other members or join into staff run contacts and get your site featured on our community index or as a spotlight at the top of the site!
    • Access to our Roleplay Realm and clubs as a place to roleplay with writing partners.
    • Access to our MTV's THE REAL WORLD! (or regular everyday non-RP) chat.
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  1. Site Information


    40 posts

    This forum has information regarding RPG Initiative including the code of conduct and information about the site itself.



    374 posts

    Here you will find announcements regarding the site whether that is new features, retired features, general policy updates or new staff. We also announce new resources posted in our resource listings.


    Use this forum to contact the RPG Initiative staff and share any comments, complaints or suggestions. This is the way to contact the staff team.


    Ask us

    137 posts

    This is the best place to ask questions about the site whether it be to ask how to change your avatar, your spotlight challenge button or just where is the best place to post! Anyone  in our fabulous community can answer to help you out and get you going on your way.

    Introduce Yourself

    2,169 posts

    Welcome to the Initiative! Here you can introduce yourself to our community of roleplayers. You joined us so we already love you so just introduce yourself so we can show you that.

  2. Roleplay Conversations

    Chat & Discussion

    5,139 posts

    The General Discussion forum is here for you to discuss anything related to roleplaying that isn't covered anywhere else on the board. Any form of roleplaying may be discussed here. We encourage you to discuss all formats of roleplaying not just forum/play by post RPGs.


    RPG Confessions

    2,933 posts

    From pet peeves to why you stick to roleplaying this is the place to do it! Confess your roleplay experiences. This is not a place to discuss roleplay or ask for advice.


    This is a place to simply share roleplay experiences.


    Shout Outs

    26 posts

    Shout out to other members, to your site, your roleplayers! Replies are disabled as this is meant to be a shout out to members. You can react to shout outs though.

  3. Creation & Development

    Got a great idea for an RPG or character but need some help to flesh it out or want some feedback? Post your ideas here and get some feedback from the community.


    Within this forum you can plot and plan with other members in the creation of a coterie. Whether this is for a mini-RPG, a learning group or whatever, you can talk about it here before you create the coterie itself.

    This forum is dedicated to the always changing environment of hosting. From being hosted on Jcink and Icyboards to branching out into Piggyback hosting and Self Hosting this is the place for you.

    For discussions about coding and graphics whether it be for design or avatars or the building of websites.

    Code Gallery

    86 posts

    Any and all codes whether they be post templates, rule templates and the like, feel free to post it here!

  4. Assistance

    Site Reviews

    37 posts

    Request other members of the community to look at your site and give their opinions. You can request full reviews or partial reviews to fine tune your site.


    Other Reviews

    3 posts

    This section is for all other items that need reviewing. Rules, plotlines, advertisements etc.

    If you are looking for a specific code or need a post template then this is the place to post your request.

    Is something broken? Not working properly? Here you can get assistance (or give assistance) for all issues with code!

    Graphics Requests

    109 posts

    Requests for avatars, signatures, headers, pips gifs all belong here. This includes adding text to headers in the RPG Initiative Gallery or the RPG Initiative PB Gallery.


    This is the forum that you can request help in finding a playby or a graphic that fits your character.

  5. Personal RP Requests

    Find an RPG

    54 posts

    It's not always easy to find an RPG that meets your needs so post here and get them to come to you!


    If you are looking for an RP partner and not a specific site please use our Writing Partner Search Directory.

    Here is where you can offer up a specific character that you would like to seek an RP that fits them. This, unlike the Find an RPG forum, is meant for a character specifically to be adopted/offered a site and Find an RPG is meant for general roleplay searches.


    If you are looking for an RP partner and not a site for a specific character please use our Writing Partner Search Directory.

    This is the place to post requests for plots and characters related to your own character(s). If the character is no meant for your character and meant for general site plots please post in the canon lists forum, if the plot is for another member please encourage them to join but please use their character information in the form.


    If you are looking for an RP partner and not a specific character for a site you are already involved on please use our Writing Partner Search Directory.


  6. Site Requests

    Canon Lists

    156 posts

    This forum is for general site searches unrelated to your personal character. Overarching plot characters, site canons, fandom canons, general plot oriented character groups etc. If you are looking for a character that is specific to your character please post in our Personal Character Wanted Ad forum.


    If you are looking for an RP partner please use our Writing Partner Search Directory.

    Find Staff

    11 posts

    If you need assistance with your roleplay whether it's temporary or permanent, moderators, graphic artists, advertisers or beyond, search for the right person here.


    Find Affiliates

    99 posts

    Exchange links with other roleplays to generate more traffic and to share the roleplay love.

  7. Challenges

    Spotlight Challenges

    1,304 posts

    Every month we give all RPs listed within the directory the chance to get your RPG spotlighted for an entire month throughout the website. This forum will have the details of those challenges posted at the start of the month with deadlines and winners will be listed at the top of the site.


    Prove that words are mightier than the sword by joining in some of our writing challenges.

    Challenge Winners


    Push your skills to the max and challenge yourself by joining in some of the graphics related challenges.

    Challenge Winners



    21 posts

    Come here to claim your awards, see new awards and find out when awards have been awarded!

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