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      • Medieval Magic Mythical Creatures Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: The year is 1268. The time of the Elder Blood, Hen Ichaer is now. The White Frost is upon The Continent. Lilac & Gooseberries is an au Witcher rp. Currently, we are set in early on in The Lady of the Lake/post season three of Netflix’s The Witcher/early on in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Where you fit into all of it, is your choice. There are endless possibilities. Come join us as we discover what unfolds on The Continent.
      • RPG Rating: LILAC & GOOSEBERRIES ⚔️ RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Dystopia Futuristic Superpowers Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: In a dystopian future caused by a extinction level event, the few remaining humans live in secure bunkers. When one of these bunkers is compromised in an earthquake, a group of diverse individuals are left with no choice but to try and survive in a world turned against them. Cut off from their family and friends they face radiation, solar flares and very strange wildlife.
      • RPG Rating: Radio Silence RPG Rating
      • Book: Hunger Games Futuristic Earth Human
      • Short Description: AU Hunger Games RPG set in the year 105 ADD. This timeline is completely separate from the world that exists in the books/movies. It focuses on life in Panem and the daily struggles that go along with that. We have two IC Hunger Games a year for people to participate in.
      • RPG Rating: From the Darkest Hour RPG Rating
      • Dystopia Supernatural
      • Short Description: It's the year 2095. 85 years have passed since the virus DraC-2 first appeared in society, ravaging the world and infecting humans indiscriminately. The Infected, virus-mutated humans that had uncanny similarities to classical vampires, began to tear down the fagility of society in massive strides until nothing was left. Stronghold became the last known surviving city in western North America, ruled over by a dystopian Military thirsty for control and power.
      • RPG Rating: Blood & Bone RPG Rating
      • Medieval Magic Multi-Genre Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: With the emergence of new magic, religions, sciences, and more, increased travel and trade across the continent has led to a rapid spreading of ideas and resources. Multiple countries and communities compete for power, while individuals fight to preserve or change their ways of life. Lyssea is an 18+ play-by-post RPG with a little something for any fantasy fan. Take what you enjoy, leave what you don't. No WC, no app-- just story.
      • RPG Rating: Lyssea RPG Rating
      • Crime Modern Earth Supernatural
      • Short Description: An original supernatural site, various species of werecreatures, fictional town of Pine Creek, Kentucky. Mystery, horror, crimes etc
      • RPG Rating: Devil's Tattoo RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Book: Black Jewels Historical Magic Human Steampunk & Clockwork
      • Short Description: We are an 18+ AU Black Jewels RPG. We have no word count, character caps, or ratios.
      • RPG Rating: She Returns RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Human
      • Short Description: Promise Tonight is a BRAND NEW relaxed member driven real life site set in fictional small town Pilot Mountain, Colorado.<br /> <br /> Featuring no word count, a shipper application, laid back activity, and lots of available faces!<br /> <br /> If you enjoy writing, mingling with your fellow members, and creating fun interactive plots in a friendly easy going community then this could be perfect for you!
      • RPG Rating: Promise Tonight (jcink) RPG Rating
      • Human Modern Earth
      • Short Description: Finding Forever - the fast-paced game of finding your Scientifically Proven™ soulmate Be the STAR of the newest international reality TV show game, pairing psychology and science to find TRUE LOVE! LGBTQIA+ Friendly, Inclusive Community, and VERY PLOT DRIVEN!
      • RPG Rating: Finding Forever RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Earth Modern Magic Modern Superpowers
      • Short Description: original characters (oc)'s only site based on HP/Wizarding World + superpowers (abilities, elementals, hybrids, shifters, and more)! original, centralized school located in atlantis, in the bermuda triangle.
      • RPG Rating: Elpida RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe Modern Superpowers
      • Short Description: Two realities that should not have met.<br /> Yet by fate are now merged into one...
      • RPG Rating: Memories in Moments RPG Rating
      • Modern Earth Modern Magic Supernatural
      • Short Description: A relaxed modern fantasy rp based in New Orleans with diverse characters and members. Not affiliated with the fandom, we do have supernatural elements. Decadence is member driven plots with plenty to get involved in. Wanteds are coming soon. We are always glad to add new folks to the fold. Come give us a look.
      • RPG Rating: Decadence RPG Rating
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