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    Three On A Match is an 18+ 3-3-3 modern-day fantasy & supernatural RP set in the fictional city of Easthaven, Massachusetts. Our lore draws inspiration from Lovecraft, works like The Dresden Files and Hellboy, penny dreadfuls, and folklore and mythology from all over the world. We have seasonal events, robust magic lore that allows you to customize your characters to your heart's content, and an agile storytelling dice system that is optional to use.

    The old city of Easthaven has butted up against the Atlantic since the establishment of colonies in New England. With this comes a long and storied history of vibrant trade, industry, and dark tales. The Old World's ancient fears and folktales are real among the cobbled streets of a city straddling the Old World and the New.

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    The site events running currently are:

    Therefore Sheol enlarges its throat

    [...] something extra odd is going on in the subway, and it seems to have spread along all the lines. That people are now claiming to have spoken to ghosts. That there are creatures lurking in the far back tunnels. There have been hallucinations of ghostly waters flowing along the tracks, and the sound of a distant bell, tolling the dead.

    Caught Red-handed

    It's been a long year since The Lighthouse reported on the remnants of ritual circles being found in dark alleys and hidden crannies of the streets of Easthaven. The intrepid agents of the Exchange have puzzled some of it together, concluding that they have a murdering cult on their hands; not one individual but several acting on a common goal. [...] The community has been warned to be careful wandering after dark and alone, and Exchange agents are on task to prevent further murders and attempt to catch a cultist.


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