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  • Hosting is not going away, however at this time its only going to be offered in a limited capacity while we look for a new hosting panel front end.

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    As most of you have noticed I've been MIA for about a year. Here is why.

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    I'm sure some of you noticed the new achievements system and wondered why you didn't have your correct awards. You didn't post for the first time recently so here is some information on it!

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    I'm sure you've been seeing a lot of changes, and fixes and more going through and I'm sure you're curious! I'm going to give you a few updates and changes to things that we have changed/added.

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    Lots of changes, not everything is done yet but we're getting there!! Check it out and more to come soon we just didn't want to go longer than the weekend before we were back up! Some large changes though so!!!

    We've been working on a new theme and we have an important question!

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    Did you ever feel like Lilythe was just way too slow at approving your stuff this last year while she finished grad school? That's fair as hell. We've decided to make her job easier. 😂

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    The coronavirus is a pretty scary thing. Its spreading like wildfire, people are dying and its no joke. We know people are scared and we know a lot of us are stuck at home more than normal. We hope to help at least a little in these crazy times!

    So I asked the staff what their top 5 favorite movies were and here's what they said.

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    A short article about online roleplay history and our attraction to it.

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    The announcement of the Initiative's NaNoWriMo House contest.

    We like to add things to sort of spice up your experience here and the most recent one is to rep your Hogwarts house, your GoT house and the newly added NaNo house lets talk about that.

    Reminder, content submission deadline approaching.

    Overview of the new profile privacy feature.

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    It's been something we've been reviewing for a while and finally it is here. BBCode Templates!

    As of May 7th of 2019, RPG Initiative turned three years old! Thank you goes out to Morrigan, our staff, and all of our wonderful members!

    Down with the announcements forum and monthly emails! Long live the new news page!

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