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  • Morrigan

    Real Life Always Comes First

    So I'd like to first off thank my lovely staff members @Mistress Of The Obvious and @Dragon for all of the support and help they've been providing by keeping me updated on things I need to be involved in as well as answering member questions on the regular. They have been a tremendous help in this trying time for myself and my family.


    So onto why I've been gone. I've been practicing what I preach when I say that real life always comes first. In this case my Daughter attempted to take her life in December of 2020 and since then I've been in a general hiatus from RPing and taking care of the Initiative to help her with her mental health. We feel like we are finally on the road to recovery, properly and with that it means I finally will have the time and energy to put back into the Initiative and all its little bits and bobs.


    Happy Hour Party GIF by Two Lane Brewing


    I look forward to getting back into the groove, discussing topics that are important to us Roleplayers and even reaching back into the ether to find some new places to play@@


    Please always remember that yours and your families mental health is always more important than anything that could be happening here on the Internet. If you need the time, take the time and effort to make sure you are healthy and happy. I wish you all love and warmth and look forward to continuing to grow with you as an RP community.

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