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We're Bad Guys! It's what we do!

I'm a mum of two children, fondly called Thing 1 (daughter, Fae) and Thing 2 (son, Troy). I've been roleplaying via online means for what feels like forever but it's actually only been since I was 12. I started on chat based programs moving into AG1 and AG2 before I delved into the world that is now our RP society.


I don't tend to join roleplays anymore but I totally enjoy some good ol' rapid fire roleplays and am happy to 1x1. I love coding, my children, shoes, socks, rainbows, unicorns, colored hair, Pinkie Pie, Karl Urban frowning, Star Trek, Lena Headey and 3D movies.


You can always ask me questions in my Hot Seat topic.

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