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Morrigan is a 31 year old mother of two children, fondly called Thing 1 (10 year old daughter, Fae) and Thing 2 (8 year old son, Troy). She has been roleplaying since she was 12 starting on chat based programs moving into AG1 and AG2 before she delved into the world that is now our RP society.


She enjoys rapid fire roleplays, coding, her children, shoes, socks, rainbows, unicorns, colored hair and 3D movies.


Morrigan's roleplaying interests tend to stray toward coding IPB and skinning with a slight love for making graphics.


Areas of expertise: PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery (novice), skinning, playing confrontational characters well, rapid fire without sacrificing the quality of game play, Web hosting, FTP

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  • I'm a staff member and you can contact me about: Graphics & Writing Challenges