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      • Modern Magic Mythical Creatures Supernatural
      • Short Description: Three On A Match is an 18+ 3-3-3 play-by-post roleplay set in the modern era in the fictional city of Easthaven, MA. In this world, everything mythical and unknown is real, the good and the bad. We draw inspiration from works such as Call of Cthulhu, the Dresden Files, Hellboy, gothic horror, folklore, and mythology as we explore the life and times of supernatural creatures, spooky spectres, and witchy humans.
      • RPG Rating: Three on a Match RPG Rating
      • Dystopia Multi-Genre Supernatural
      • Short Description: The excitement of our stories doesn't come from solo experiences as much as they do a beautiful collaboration! You are welcome to share this journey with us on 'Lie to Me': a dark and gritty supernatural-dystopian roleplay for adults over the age of 25. This is a world of fantastical magic, tragic enslavement, powerful revolution, thoughtful utopia, and every shade of opportunity in between...and it's waiting for you to join in and make it your own.
      • RPG Rating: Lie to Me [Jcink+] RPG Rating
      • Modern Earth Modern Magic School
      • Short Description: Darkana is a magic-infused, modern day style dark academia roleplay centering around the fictional D'Arkane Institute of Magic. The institute is in an eerie, revived town called Darkana located on the outskirts of New Orleans. We use a profile application with an included auto-thread tracker and a multi-filter member directory. We have no word count and accept content up to a 3-3-3 rating.
      • RPG Rating: Darkana [Jcink+] RPG Rating
      • Movie: Star Wars Sci-Fi Space
      • Short Description: Across the Stars is an intermediate-level AU Star Wars roleplay set in 3 BBY • 16 years since Order 66 and a few years before the film A New Hope. The Jedi Order is all but extinct, the once benevolent Republic gone, as the shroud of the Dark Side has fallen across the Galaxy.
      • RPG Rating: Across the Stars RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Movie: Marvel Cinematic Universe Modern Superpowers
      • Short Description: The Initiative is an intermediate-level AU Marvel Roleplay set during the year 2012. The Avengers are only a mere idea at the moment, while Charles Xavier gathers the most gifted children from around the world. Yet still, other would-be heroes and villains stand on their own, ready to meet the world head-on.
      • RPG Rating: The Initiative RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Movie: Star Wars Sci-Fi
      • Short Description: The New Republic is fighting for control against the Corporate Sector, and the Mandalorians have initiated the fight to retake their homeworld. The question remains, whose side will the galaxy take when war and strife are all its ever known? We are a 21+ Star Wars AU RP based after the events of the Mandalorian season two. We are no word count, have a short profile app, and welcome any and all from every corner of the RP world. Come join us if you want to explore 2+ years of Star Wars!
      • RPG Rating: VAGABOND CODE RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Human Mythical Creatures Supernatural
      • Short Description: A secret society seeking true equality thretens the Ministry, and to use a peaceful weapon to take away magical power from those deemed unworthy. Their cause is more noble than their methods. Slice of life in the post-war era of the 1980s.
      • RPG Rating: Children of Merlin - Harry Potter 1980s RPG RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Movie: Disney Universe None2
      • Short Description: Based on the 1994 movie, an AU plot where Mufasa survives and Scar is exiled.
      • RPG Rating: Lost Story: The Lion King RPG RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Mythical Creatures
      • Short Description: We're a jcink premium, mermaid-centric roleplay inspired by the H20/Mako mermaids universe. This small coastal town's biggest secret is not the mermaid fever that has plagued the town for the last three centuries but more so that its founding fathers were of mere heritage themselves. Come and join us as everything unravels out of control when the good folks of the South Shore realize they've been sharing their town with people who aren't exactly like themselves.
      • RPG Rating: Fathoms Below RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Book: Harry Potter Futuristic Magic Medieval Magic Modern Magic School
      • Short Description: An AU modern Harry Potter tale filled with mysteries of archaic magics and discoveries of royalty. These magics only have the means to make those who possess it more powerful and dangerous. Not everyone has the ability to control it. Traces of the magic have been far and few between and much too little information to prove useful. As a new wave of dark wizards and witches rise in search of this magic, the Ministry gears in their expansion of with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.
      • RPG Rating: Occult of the Regalia RPG Rating
      • Movie: Mad Max Dystopia Futuristic Earth Human
      • Short Description: 'So Shiny, So Chrome' takes place 10 years after The Fall, a combination of the Oil Wars that came to a climax with a nuclear event. Our setting is the Wasteland, once the Australian outback. Wildlife mutated by radiation prowls the wasteland; weather is harsh and highly unpredictable; roving gangs of survivors fight for what remains of precious resources.
      • RPG Rating: So Shiny, So Chrome RPG Rating
      • Historical Earth
      • Short Description: Welcome to the Book of Moons, a historical forum inspired by a mélange of Victorian(ish) media ranging from classic literature to modern period films and television. If you like the general aesthetics, tones, and themes in fiction set in or written during the Victorian period (1837 to 1901), then you belong here. We are member-driven, and encourage you to play out the ideas that most inspire you.
      • RPG Rating: The Book of Moons RPG Rating
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