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      • Human Modern Earth
      • Short Description: Welcome to KINK. We are an 18+ Realistic BDSM Roleplaying site, based in Portland, Oregon. We welcome all levels of roleplayers and encourage rich characters and deep plots.<br /> <br /> No Wordcount ♥ Shipper App ♥ Dark Plots Welcome ♥ True 3-3-3 Rating
      • RPG Rating: KINK RPG Rating
      • Supernatural
      • Short Description: Strange Ways is an original supernatural roleplay based in the fictional coastal city of Calder, Oregon. Calder is an eccentric cultural gem, hidden in the pristine nature of the Pacific Northwest — and a pivotal haven for the supernatural community, who exist just out of humanity's sight. Bizarre occurrences are on the rise. The magic that has always bled through from other worlds is more unpredictable than ever, threatening the fragile equilibrium of supernatural life.
      • RPG Rating: Strange Ways RPG Rating
      • Human Modern Magic Supernatural
      • Short Description: Welcome to Greenbrooke, Ontario, where no one is quite who they seem. Home to vampires, werewolves and mages, kept in line only by an agreement decades old and enforced by Guardians – an occupation held mostly by mages – there are tremors of discord beginning to thrum through some sectors, promising trouble.<br /> <br /> In a city where ignorance can truly be bliss, where will your loyalties lie?
      • RPG Rating: Blood Ties RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Crime Historical Earth Human
      • Short Description: Victorian Historical Fiction community set in London, England in the year 1870. At this point in time, Londoners were right in the middle of the reign of Queen Victoria and entrenched in class based society and many etiquette rules. Players are welcome to create their own original characters or collaborate to take a wanted character or plot. CURRENT FEATURED PLOTS - Circus at Cremorne, Nightingale's Nursing School, Parliament, and Underbelly Crime World.
      • RPG Rating: Beyond the Thames RPG Rating
      • TV: Supernatural Supernatural
      • Short Description: We are an 18+ Stranger Things literate role play community. We are LGBTQ friendly. Both canon and non-canon characters are welcome. Imagine a time where Hopper and Billy both survived, and yes even Alexei. The year is 1985 taking place just after the Mind Flayer was defeated. We are an Alternate Universe for Stranger Things. You do not have to follow the storyline from the show, and you are more than welcome to make up your own.
      • RPG Rating: Stranger Things Do Happen RPG Rating
      • Book: Harry Potter Modern Magic School
      • Short Description: We're a small but creative group who love the world of Harry Potter and making new friends. Join us!
      • RPG Rating: Ilvermorny Pride RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Horror Human Supernatural
      • Short Description: It’s the 1980’s , and a sun-drenched season of firsts beckons the counsellors, and pending visitors at Camp Redwood, a seemingly idyllic North Californian summer camp, including first loves, first kisses—and first kills. Redwood’s dark, ancient mythology awakens, and what was supposed to be a summer of fun soon will turn into one of unforgettable scares and evil at every turn. And not just for the Camp. But for the whole of Redwood District itself...
      • RPG Rating: Redwood RPG Rating
      • Historical Superpowers Medieval Magic Warring Kingdoms
      • Short Description: Medieval fantasy site with an elemental, power flair and a unique, sandbox world.
      • RPG Rating: Cineri RPG Rating
      • Medieval Magic Medieval Superpowers Mythical Creatures
      • Short Description: Free from Bhelest's nightmares, the realm of Khy'eras unveils vast reaches perfect for exploration. Create a character and unlock the land's secrets.
      • RPG Rating: Khy'eras RPG Rating
      • Comic: DC Universe Panfandom TV: Star Trek Gods & Dieties Mythical Creatures Multi-Genre Sci-Fi Supernatural
      • Short Description: Sanctuary is a panfandom game set in a strange, frozen world where magically charged storms scour the frozen wastes, twisting and changing anything they touch. The only safe place is the aptly named, "Sanctuary". But ours is a hungry world, and there is always more going on than seems... Sanctuary has no word count, does interest checks over activity checks, and requires no apps. Try out whatever character hat you'd like and write the stories you've always wanted to write at your own pace.
      • RPG Rating: Sanctuary RPG Rating
      • We're looking for characters!!
      • Book: Harry Potter Human
      • Short Description: The new Minister of Magic knows the best way to control the wizarding community is to utilize the fear of magic disappearing from their lives forever. His tactics caused the removal of his predecessor Hermoine Granger from her position of power and set his own agenda in motion. His latest decree mandates a marriage law, forcing magical citizens to marry those he deems appropriate in order to produce heirs, which will secure the magical bloodlines. <br />
      • RPG Rating: After Always RPG Rating
      • Historical Magic Human Steampunk & Clockwork
      • Short Description: Aphelion is a no word count, 18+ fantasy human steampunk RPG set in a parallel of 18th century England. The moon is the realm’s god and stars fall to earth and walk among mortals. Rodomere is a country on the brink of war. How will you sway the changing tides?
      • RPG Rating: Aphelion RPG Rating
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