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  • The World Within
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    The World Within

    • Type: Original
    • Genre: Modern Earth, Modern Magic, Supernatural
    • RPG Rating: The World Within RPG Rating



    The World Within is an original modern supernatural RP forum. It is the place where the Supernatural lingers and makes its home. With the human world slowly waking to the fact of Supernatural what trials and tribulations will that bring? Come and see what lies within the mundane world. The place where supernatural creatures, and sympathetic humans, come to be safe, live their lives, and find their place in the world. It might not always be pretty or clean, but there will be adventure and friendship.

    The environment is a sandbox design with character-driven progression. Our classes have broad categories allowing a wide range of characters. Want a den of werewolves, come build one. Prefer elite vampires living the high life, it's up for grabs. Maybe your fae princess is looking to make her new home, yup it can happen here. Come join us and create the character you've always dreamed of. ALL are welcome; LGBTQ+ and all forms of diversity highly desirable. No word count, non-canon, no application, creative freedom.

    We are a premium jcink forum rated 3-3-3 and an 18+ site.

    Site Updates

    July 2020 - More businesses have opened in The Market. We now have a business and portal directory for ease of use. Quizes have been added, they are silly and fun and gain in game currency and a badge.

    June 2020 - We now have in game curency and badges, a supernatural travel nexus, called The Market, for our characters to move easily about the world, and an active staff team.

    29 May 2020 - Added forums, 18+ restrictions and unlimited characters.

    23 May 2020 - Updated activity rules and added Titan embed so people can now see our discord chat before joining us or can join as guest on discord and say hi.

    17 May 2020 - We are now a premium 3-3-3 rated jcink forum.

    15 May 2020 - Updated rules and guidelines.

    12 May 2020  - The new skin is in place and all the add ons seem to be working well.  The next event is to look at upgrading to a premium account.

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