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  • Staff Positions

    Manages the site tumblr including Fun Friday, Meme Monday, Throwback Thursday and any other fun days that they want to come up with including re-blogging interesting roleplay blogs and memes.
    This person creates a minimum of 1 premade theme per month. This can be for any software from Jcink, IPS, MyBB, SMF, phpBB, tumblr etc. When applying please include the software that you'd like to make the themes for specifically unless you plan to make themes for all softwares.
    This position is meant for users well versed in particular software such as MyBB, phpBB, Nova, tumblr, Twitter, SMF, JCink, IPS etc. We have multiple positions, specify the type of software specialist that you wish to be. We currently only have one position per type of software.
    These staff members will be expected to view and assist in software specific help in the coding sections and Initiative hosting support. This means that you would help with support tickets based on your specific knowledge where applicable and assist with installs.
    Unavailable at this time:
    This person reviews sites as needed from the members area when they go unanswered for more than 2 weeks as well as does staff reviews in our reviews section as well as discusses improvements for the system as needed.
    This person assumes and fills requests in the Graphics or Coding Requests sections based on what their skills are.
    This person posts 2 new guides per month in any available category in our Guides section and discusses improvements to the system as necessary.
    Accepts and curates our Deviant Art community content including adding roleplay specific things and assets for members to use.
    This person creates 5 premade site or user codes (Plot Pages, applications, Who's Who etc) to be used on any platform per month for use in our Codex.
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