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  • Graphics Water World - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/25/2018 03:00 AM

    For this challenge we want you to create a series of 4, 250x250 icons featuring water. They can be any type of icon but they must predominantly feature water.
    These icons must be submitted to our Initiative Pre-made Icon gallery and then the four images linked as your "entry":

    Coding Aqua - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/18/2018 03:00 AM

    For this coding event we are looking for you to make a template that has water as it's primary items. It must include some sort of water image in it and have a vibe of that kind. Yes you can include other items in it but the primary focus must be water.
    Great place to find some water pics:

    Writing Submerged - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/18/2018 03:00 AM

    In this challenge what we want you to do is write a post about your character being submerged in water. Whether it be that they just jumped in, they are drowning. Explain how they feel. Are they free? Are they panicking? What does it feel like to be there?

    Graphics Hot and Wet - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/11/2018 03:00 AM

    This challenge is intended to be a little wet. This challenge is to use water elements to display your character. The character can be wet (in fact we encourage that) but if they don't have pics like that then using water elements to make it look nice and wet is the perfectly fine too.
    Max size: 1000x1000
    Min size: 500x500

    Coding Your File - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/04/2018 03:00 AM

    For this challenge we want you to create an App template. This App template should look like a File. This can be an HR file, this could be a Police File, FBI, etc.
    It must include places for:
    A photo of the character. The Characters name and basic information (birthday, where they were born etc). An area for the characters profile/history etc.  
    This can be as detailed as you want or as simple as you want.

    Writing Hostage Situation - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 08/04/2018 03:00 AM

    For this writing Challenge what we want you to do is to create a thread or a response post where your character is caught up in some sort of hostage situation. This could be a bank heist with masked robbers. This could be a home invasion. A person that just cracked and took their family hostage. Whatever your brain can imagine.
    The catch is that you must write your character as one of the hostages.
    Is your character a hero?
    Are they so scared that they pee themselves?
    Are they the ones the bad guys take with them to try to escape?
    You decide!

    Graphics Wanted: Dead or Alive - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 07/28/2018 03:00 AM

    This challenge can be fun or serious. It can be stylized to fit your site setting (that means you Harry Potter people can make a gif one) if you want. You are to write up a wanted poster of your character with all of their crimes and criminal-ness.
    The crimes do not have to be real crimes that they committed. They can be funny if you want like the one above.
    Or if they really are criminals give their list of dirty deeds. We know there are some dastardly bastards out there.
    Have fun.
    Image must be 500xx600 You may create ones for other players on your site. You may create dual character wanted ads (for partners in crime.  

    Coding Reflection - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 07/21/2018 03:00 AM

    Keeping with the introspective and reflective themes of this set of challenges. This challenge is to create a post template with a reflection CSS. You can find that here:
    It's likely best that the reflection is at the bottom of your post template and that you are using a solid color.

    Writing Mirror Mirror - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 07/21/2018 03:00 AM

    In this challenge write an introspective short about your character starting with this phrase:
    Explore things your character see's and what they believe about themselves.
    Restrictions: We're not going to restrict length or anything. Have some fun with it.

    Graphics Represent - Challenge Complete

    Submission Deadline: 07/14/2018 03:00 AM

    Image Restrictions: This image is to be a visual representation of your character without actually using an image of them. This could be their likes/dislikes things they do, things they love, etc.
    You may use the character's name and a short phrase in the image.
    You are prohibited from using a character image/pb/person etc in the image.
    Example image:

    Sizes: No larger than 1000x1000 and no smaller than 800x200


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