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Our RPG guides are written by roleplayers with other roleplayers in mind. Learn from others roleplay experience and provide others with your own
  • Arceus

    HTML/CSS Transitions

    By Arceus, in Coding,

    By popular demand, and threat of kangaroos (I jest), a couple quick tutorial-guides on how to achieve neat-o CSS transition animation effects; there are two different effects here. The concept is essentially the same, but how they operate is a little different, so I decided to write out both. Yes, it's entirely CSS and HTML, I promise. We'll be using CSS transitions to create a cool letter spacing effect, where one line spreads out and vanishes, and is replaced by a new line that fades in and pulls together. We'll also make little corners that move in and out on hover, very neat sci-fi-like effect. This will not just give you the codes, it will walk you through creating them, and assumes you have a minimal understanding of basic CSS.

    Type: Look & Feel

  • Arceus

    Part of a guide series, the PHP Fundamentals guide dives into the very basics of PHP and how it works, designed for people that have never worked with PHP at all, or only very briefly (or people that just want more solid info on the ostensibly easy stuff). This series is designed to build on itself, because PHP is like algebra, you can't just dive straight into the middle. ... well, you could, but it wouldn't be pretty. Fundamentals IV covers functions.

    Type: PHP

  • Deep Sea

    Roleplaying is sharing a story with friends – sometimes this gets lost in the commotion of setting up a website or server. So as a serial GM, I’d like to share my process for creating a story to be turned into a roleplay. Spoiler alert: it's a long rambling checklist of worldbuilding details.


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