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  1. Setting Up A Story

    Roleplaying is sharing a story with friends – sometimes this gets lost in the commotion of setting up a website or server. So as a serial GM, I’d like to share my process for creating a story to be turned into a roleplay. Spoiler alert: it's a long rambling checklist of worldbuilding details.

  2. RPing in Korea, at a Glance

    A quick overview of South Korean culture - especially helpful for Kpop sites! All of these were written by myself and my co-admin Lars on Re-Bye! PLEASE DO NOT REPOST. If you require this for your site, link back to here or message me for my site's URL to credit us!

  3. Inspiration and Creativity

    Low on inspiration? Looking for ways to encourage inspiration and creativity? Here's a guide that I hope will help!

  4. Know Your Path (Pyschopath versus Sociopath)

    It's a common misconception of what Psychopaths and Sociopaths are as well as how they act in normal society. It's especially hard to tell when the information seems to cross itself.

  5. How to Play a Convincing Villain

    To some, playing a villain seems a daunting task. It doesn't have to be after reading this guide!

  6. Conquering the One-Dimensional Character Fear

    A guide of questions and things to consider when attempting to determine whether or not your character is one-dimensional.

  7. An Overview of Bipolar Disorder

    An informational guide more than an instructional one- if you want to learn more about bipolar disorder and portray it more accurately, then this is the place to do it.

  8. Gotham's Guide to Playing Canons

    My personal guide on playing canon characters.

  9. The 3 Pillars to Bringing Your Character to Life

    Some characters jump right off the page. Make yours one of them!

  10. Character Building 101

    Who is your character? 

    Some of you may know your character inside and out, but some of you may be surprised at how much a character might be holding out on you. It's from an old topic I used to write back in the infancy of about.com titled: Written Roleplay 101.


    Do the questionnaire and see how much you really know about them :)

  11. NPCs - important details for interesting plots

    Who are NPCs and why they are necessary.

  12. How Do I RolePlay?

    A quick guide what roleplaying is and the 3 cardinal sins of it.

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