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Forum Building and Management

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25 guides in this category

  1. As an administrator I'm sure finding a theme that not only works for your site and aesthetics, but also works for your members and yourself is a difficult task. This article is intended to help enlighten you on why you should offer at least 2 versions of your theme. A dark theme and a light theme no matter which is your default.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  2. In this guide, we are going to cover the different kinds of applications (and no applications!), and their advantages and disadvantages. As always, no kind of application is objectively better than any other, but different applications are certainly subjectively better. That is, it all depends on what you look for from an application as an administrator and how you want to run your site.

    Type: Admining
  3. There are numerous benefits to rehosting images on your site, to your site's server and no benefits to not doing that. So much so, that the use of remotely hosted images on your site is considered bad practice. We will discover why below!

    Type: Admining
  4. Lurkers are an important part of any community. This guide shows how my site has encouraged lurkers and guests to get active.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  5. There are some things that you might do, that really doesn't help you in your advertising goals. This guide will look at how you format your ads, whether it be in your signature or when you're dropping an ad on a roleplay directory.

    Type: Promotion
  6. Advertising should be the easiest and probably most ignored part of your site. That makes it no less important, but there are a wide variety of ways you can make it both easier on you and more tolerable to handle. I'll try to sum up how to effectively advertise, how to handle your own advertising boards and some common issues people run into. All while simplifying things as much as possible in order to make it a relatively untouched part of your site in terms of the work you have to do.

    Type: Promotion
  7. GDPR - Written By Morrigan,

    This guide will work on explaining what GDPR is and how to comply with it's rules and regulations. As GDPR grows we will work on making changes so that it is always up to date.


    Type: Member/Forum Management
  8. In this guide, we have a look at the features and benefits of the IPS forum software, compared to the most common option for roleplayers: JCink Premium.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  9. Handling Staff Inactivity - Written By Josie,

    At one point or another, almost every admin encounters a time when one of their staffers goes AWOL, or otherwise stops doing their job. It can be tough to know what to do in that situation, but this guide's designed to help you out!

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  10. Auto posting to Social Media: IFTTT - Written By Morrigan,

    Now as a busy admin you don't always have time to post things to Facebook and Twitter and still enjoy your game. It's a lot of work. This guide will give you a cool way to post announcements or new threads without putting tons of time into it and still help promote your site.

    Type: Promotion
  11. How To Use Fan Fiction Forums To Advertise! - Written By Zozma,

    How do you use the FanFiction.net forums to recruit new members?

    Read on!

    Type: Promotion
  12. Advertising Guide - Written By Morrigan,

    A comprehensive guide on how to advertise your forum.

    Type: Promotion
  13. On the Matter of Off-site IM Services - Written By Josie,

    There are strong feelings in the roleplaying community about using programs like Skype or Discord for your community. This article is going to lightly dissect the matter and address some points of concern, as well as give brief instruction on how to fairly integrate such a service.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  14. How to write a newsletter for you site - Written By Elena,

    How to write a newsletter for you site.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  15. Roleplaying Defined - Written By Morrigan,

    While we focus on specific types of roleplays here on RPG Initiative there are many other types of roleplaying out there. This is a quick and simple guide defining what roleplaying is and the 5 types of roleplaying that are out in the world.

    Type: Admining
  16. Spellbuilding - Written By Buttons,

    If you've ever roleplayed as a wizard, you've found yourself using spells regularly. In the case of wizards from the Potterverse and other fantasy fandoms, there's only a limited amount of information available for spells - so creating your own spells is encouraged! This guide will teach you the basics on how to make your spells and charms canon-friendly.

    Type: Worldbuilding
  17. Cyber/Bio-punk - Written By Morrigan,

    Something Sci-Fi often crosses into, on a "Earth Based" Sci-Fi, are two elements called Cyberpunk and Biopunk. For the most part these two genres tend to crossover in some aspects so instead of creating separate articles for both of them I'm combining them into a single article. This article will include some details including some pop culture references and images for your visual pleasure.

    Type: Worldbuilding
  18. A common problem I’ve seen people asking help with is dealing with unpleasant and difficult members. They aren’t breaking the rules, but they make you feel like you aren’t at home on your own forum. When an admin doesn’t want to be a part of their own forum this is a big issue, and the cause of this should always be dealt with as swiftly and carefully as possible.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  19. A How-Do on Hiring Staff - Written By Josie,

    It can be tough knowing where to begin when it comes to hiring staff. A lot of people start off thinking that they need them simply because that seems like the normal thing to do. It might seem “normal” to have [insert number here] staffers when you first start out. Well friends- it’s silly to do things just because everyone else is doing them that way, and this article is here to help you out with the process of hiring on new staff members.

    Type: Member/Forum Management
  20. Being an admin of a forum is a lot like getting a puppy. It seems like a good idea at first because it’s cute and you want something to cuddle with. But puppies need to be housebroken and they need to be trained and you’ve got to spend money on their food and take them on walks.  A lot of people go into it thinking it’ll be easy- and like with adopting their first puppy, most of these people are in for a rude awakening. You don’t have to be, though!

    Type: Admining
  21. How to write Rules: The good way! - Written By Morrigan,

    Don't be put off by the title, everyone has their preferences for rules however I am someone that has walked away from more sites because of poorly written rules than any other reason. This is simply a guide on my personal recommendation on the do's and don'ts of rule writing.

    Type: Admining
  22. The phrases "beta testing" and "soft opening" get tossed around a lot like they're the same thing- but they're not! This guide is here to clarify the difference, and explains how to reap the benefits of each.

    Type: Admining
  23. The unfortunate reality is that at some point admins may have content taken from them and placed on another site. Here is a guide on how to deal with another site stealing from your site. 

    Type: Admining
  24. Opening a new board is hard. It's easy to feel like what you're doing is somehow wrong, or that you could be getting more traffic if you just did this one other thing. Or like your board is a complete failure. Before you give up, here are some hard truths about running your own forum... and when you should really throw in the towel.
    Type: Admining
  25. How do you make sure that new members see everything they need to, without overwhelming them? A quick-start guide! Here are some tips to writing a useful and effective quick-start guide for your RP.

    Type: Admining
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