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  1. Tips and tricks for submitting premades to our gallery

    First tip, read the gallery submission rules! There's a few things you can do to make life easier for yourself when it comes to submitting.

  2. How to set an image in the gallery as your avatar

    Seen a sweet as icon in our premade gallery? Want to set it as your icon here on the Initiative? Stop! Don't click download or save image as. Read this guide instead.

  3. The Play-By Directory How Do

    What's that, we've got a play-by directory? We sure do! Come on in, I'll go over how to use it, how to contribute to it, some things to keep in mind, and probably some lame dad-esque jokes.

  4. Codex: Good Practices

    So there are some common errors made when creating templates from affecting site layouts, using common names, using IDs when you should use a class, not properly closing code and commenting your code. These are all important things that should be looked at to make sure they are compatible with every site and with other templates.

  5. How to use FTP

    FTP is short hand for file transfer protocol and as you would guess, it is one of the ways that you can upload files like plugins, xmls, css, php, images, and scripts. One of the features that the Initiative offers in our roleplay hosting package is the ability to use FTP to upload your files. This guide will show you how to connect using your FTP software.

  6. How to Access your CPanel Information

    So you are now hosted with the Initiative? Yay! But you're not sure how to access your cpanel for those pesky things like software updates and file uploads. This guide will show you how to access your cpanel.

  7. How to upload your icyboards database to your Initiative hosting

    Got an icyboards forum? Want to transfer your icyboards database to your hosting here on the Initiative? Here's how!

  8. Theme Submission Guidelines

    For our Theme Directory we have a specific set of guidelines that must be adhered to. These guidelines are important to follow as they make it to were the Initiative can provide up to date demos as well as we can guarantee longevity of the theme despite outside issues.

  9. How to Upgrade with Softaculous

    This guide will give you a brief introduction to Softaculous and it will guide you through the process of upgrading your forum software.

  10. Away from the site messages

    Just a simple explanation of our Member Away status plugin.

  11. How to link an image

    I've noticed that some people don't realize how to link an image here on the Initiative. Since BBCode is deprecated and HTML is not allowed there are a few ways to link images that aren't very obvious.

  12. Notifications: Pick what you get bothered about!

    So not every notification is going to be something that you like or want to see, sometimes you like seeing who reacted to your content sometimes you don't. So this is a quick guide on where to go to change your notifications and how to turn them off and on.

  13. Welcome Guide

    This guide will get you through the first few steps of assimilating into the Initiative site as well as point out some features that may be difficult to find.

  14. How to Edit Your Profile

    Your profile is where you can edit the most amount of information about yourself here on The Initiative, and is also where you can update your avatar. Read this guide to learn more!

  15. How to Add an Icon to Your Name

    Notice how some of us have icons in front of our names? You can have one too- and here's how!

  16. How to Add a Signature

    New to the forum and not quite sure how to add a signature? This quick guide will show you how.

  17. How to Create a Blog

    Don't want to host your own blog? Want to feed your tumblr into your blog here to up the presence of your site? Feel like you want to chat about things but don't necessarily need feedback? Create a blog here on the Initiative and enjoy the freedom of expressing yourself.

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