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Being a Member

Membership isn't all it's cracked up to be! From control freak admins to cliques there are sharks in this water. These guides will help you in navigating these murky waters.

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  1. Social Anxiety and You

    Do you find yourself terrified at the mere idea of taking part in a community you're unfamiliar with? Even if you, yourself, do not have outright social anxiety disorder (a disorder in which social engagement and interaction with sometimes even familiar parties is highly terrifying), you might find some useful tips and tricks for getting yourself into a larger community. Joining role-plays and resource communities can be scary, but hopefully we can chase away some of the scary. This does also contain some tips for admins dealing with a shy/anxious player!

  2. How to Write an Effective Wanted Ad

    Wanted ads can be a tough thing to put to paper, so to speak. Sometimes, it's even tougher to get someone to take them. Here's some of my tips and tricks!

  3. Being Social - a Guide for the Unsocial

    Whether you are an admin or a player, there's probably been at least one time in your role playing career that you felt you were obligated to be social and chat- and just didn't know how. Or perhaps you want to, and still don't know how. Either way, here's some tips and tricks on being social when that's not your strong area!

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