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    A small mountain town in the Appalachians of Kentucky, there is more to this place than meets the eye. Werecreatures of various kind have made their home in Pine Creek, with some humans siding with them, while others still remain oblivious to their existence. Badgers, cougars, coyotes, wolves and various nomads are attempting to survive here, but something darker lurks in the shadows of the tall mountains.
    New species include were-Deer and were-rabbits. More to come!

    Devil's Tattoo is an original fantasy-themed, modern setting, small town roleplay, with humans and werecreatures as playable species. Character growth, clan politics, interpersonal interactions, suspense, action, criminal undertone, and mystery are at the core of the game.
    Two new species are out and ready to roll in town

    Let Your Demons Run.

    Come and check us out!


    Celebrating our third year since the official opening!


    June 3rd 2021

    • New locations available, and more to come!

    May 9th 2021

    • Spring is here, along with a brand new section of town called Radley's Hope! Come see the haunted sites and the areas with a dark past, or the dangers of the flooded quarry swimming hole.
    • Mysterious strangers are renovating parts of town, heralding new groups about to come! This means a new species!

    April 4th 2021

    • Stay tuned for the coming Spring update! Changes to come, mysteries and missing people! A monster was finally revealed!

    January 2021

    • We are now officially 3 years old! Steady and strong, but always open for guests and new players!
    • The winter update is coming soon!

    December 2020

    • We wish everyone to be strong but considerate for the coming holidays and various events!

    November 22th 2020

    • The Fall update is here! We talk about hunters, festivities in town, but also of a new wind of change! We have a teaser for new things coming in the name of our anniversary

    October 16th 2020

    • Fall is at our door, and Halloween too! Be prepared for some town events, free plots for people to grab! Teaser coming too!

    September 20th 2020

    • More ghost activity on the way, get your precious frightened!
    • Halloween coming too!

    July 21th 2020

    • The season change happened and some changes too! The Badgers now owns a gun store in town, any clients admitted.
    • A musical production is organised by college students and more for a second year in a row.
    • We have updated our list of local myths and legends to add more spooky!

    June 10th 2020

    • Summer is at our door, and ghost activity is increasing! Inquire within for more spooky adventures!
    • beware the ghosts too!

    May 17th 2020

    • Spring is still here, and we have a wave of new plots and hunter families in town! Scary

    April 7th 2020

    • Preparing our official passage to Spring! 
    • Some truths will come out soon! Something really chilling!
    • Still going strong and open! We can beat this thing, stay home and stay safe as much as you can!

    February 29th 2020

    • Still going strong with rescue mission dramas, and more families torn apart! Stay tuned for more, in the name of our second year!

    January 16th 2020

    • We celebrate our second year! Happy birthday DT, and thank you everyone for making it possible!

    January 7th 2020:

    • The season is officially winter! We celebrate our second anniversary this month, thanks to all our amazing players and more to come!
    • The Morgan Wolf pack went throuhg a change of leadership, with new canons available as well to fill in! More information here!
    • A holiday market is hosted in town as an optional small plot! Have fun!

    December 24th 2019

    • Stay tuned, as the next season chance and our second anniversary are coming soon! We have a few changes just for you!
    • Merry holidays to whoever celebrates!

    November 19th 2019

    • A rescue mission mini-plot is ongoing and soon risks to spice up a little, when the many dangers of the wilderness could get involved
    • A survey is available on our Discord in preparation of the second year anniversary, to see what our members want!
    • Stay tuned for some changes to come!

    October 23th 2019

    • The season changed and Fall is now! We have a special gift for our members to celebrate!
    • We are starting out a special section on the town's urban legends and myths! Check it out here! More will be added with time!
    • A girl has gone missing and is very dear in the eyes of various clubs at the college. See the news here and check out one new thread for the search party here !

    October 10th 2019

    • The season is about to change, and some spooky ideas are on the way! Pine Creek, ghost and creepy crawlies capital of Eastern Kentucky!

    September 9th 2019

    • The storm event is going strong and many are already in danger! And not only due to falling branches! Private threads are always welcomed, and event groups welcome newcomers as well!
    • Stay tuned for a coming seasonal update!

    July 24th 2019

    • We are finally in summer on the site, muggy heat, and extreme storms are taking over
    • We have a summer mini-event, with a dangerous storm rolling into town and knocking off the power. Mysterious forces are at play, and the Nomads in town all had visions all at once in one night. What can it mean?
    • More on the event here

    June 13th 2019

    • A special mini event for the pride and LGBT+ residents is taking place! Come show your colours! 

    May 15th 2019

    • New temporary characters are already in play, and they are shady as shady can be!  More info here! 

    May 6th 2019

    • Waves and waves of new player characters  showed up in time for spring, bringing their load of trouble, alliances, and betrayals! The college has more students already, and new members of numerous clans are here too. But the more the merrier, join the wave!

    April 23th 2019

    • The vote results are in, and otters and bats are now new playable Nomad species!
    • The season is now Spring 2019 on site!
    • A new set of side plot and new possible tie-ins are now available: an old motel having been renovated all winter finally opened. It however seems to bring in all sort of shady dealings and unwanted individuals in town. More info here!

    April 5th 2019

    • A vote is ongoing, come and choose what next species of Nomad will be admitted in play next! To the foxes, lynxes, rabbits, opossums, and raccoons, we offer to add two among the river otters, bats, weasels, skunks, and minks

    Mars 29th 2019

    • New plot points and a new special game system for a set of crimes and vices only is in the work! Stay tuned!

    February 18th 2019

    • A local radio station will stop at nothing to report on the cryptids, conspiracies, creatures, spirits, and who knows what is suspected to haunt Pine Creek and the country! Clueless humans unite, shifters roll their eyes! A few hunters made it into town, so who knows what the future holds

    January 15th 2019

    • This is our first year anniversary! Thanks to our fantastic members, and it is never too late to join us either! One event is coming in celebration, and we've added many functions to help with the site Discord, along with new shops and OOC games! Stay tunes for more!

    January 4th 2019

    • Happy new year to all! The season turned to winter, and a very unexplainably cold one! Changes happened in town as well! Stay tuned for the official 1 year anniversary event, coming soon! Who knows what the full moon holds!

    December 9th 2018

    • A group of Peacekeeper is gaining more members and potential ones, ready to bring balance and accountability in town, more info here
    • Stay tuned for more, our first anniversary will be celebrated!

    November 22th 2018

    • More and more Deer and Bunnies are making it to town, will that affect the predator shifters? The explosion is also still being investigated. 

    October 22nd 2018

    • The Haunt is hosting an Halloween party in a seasonal mini-event, involving costumes and craziness!

    October 21th 2018

    • The site passes to the Fall season on a boom, after a mysterious explosion brought new tensions in town. Look out for more information here and stay tuned for the rising levels of wariness!

    October 20th 2018

    • More and more new citizens make it to Pine Creek, of all species and looking for all sort of trouble! We're of course always open for new friends!

    October 2nd 2018

    • Stay tuned for a possible special something for the season! Spooky! 

    Septembre 24th 2018

    • A new information thread is out about the Cougar pride, for anyone interested to learn more: here
    • We also completed the first official event on site this weekend, congrats to every player! We found out there are many worrying presences visiting even when a local manor is swarming with security from two different clan. Who knows what else is in store for the citizens!

    September 4th 2018:

    • A new information thread is out about the new clan, the Callahan Deer, for anyone interested to learn more: here

    August 21th 2018:

    • A new side plot is opened to play or to get inspiration from: a mysterious slaughter in an overseas Cougar pride, and no witnesses. A few rare survivors seek refuge in Pine Creek already
    • Come take a look at our adoptables too! Right here!
    • Stay tuned for a coming Full Moon event! Be ready to let your demons run!

    August 6th 2018:

    • Two new species are out! The wereDeer roll into town, following the Callahan crime family. WereRabbits are also another species Nomads can become, a few of them dealing with the Callahans already. This time the preys know how to deal with predators, and the predators are the ones unprepared... Change is coming

    July 16th 2018

    • This is half a year of official opening! Congrats everyone!

    May 15th 2018

    • Celebrating our 5th month! Thanks all!

    May 4th 2018

    • The event is still going strong, and mysterious forces have already joined the game to make it all more intense! Danger and complicated stories still await anyone else

    April 21th 2018

    • The event was finally started! Stay tuned for possible further mini-events, and who knows, perhaps new species as well!... That's how wars start!

    April 11th 2018

    • Groups are made, the special event is at our doors. We also have an information thread about the Pine Creek PD here

    April 4th 2018

    • Announcing a fresh new mysterious skin, in tune with the growing darkness! Even if spring is in the air, danger never takes a break to smell the flowers

    March 17th 2018

    • A cocktail event will be organised soon for the celebration of a peace treaty between the Cougar pride and the Wolf Pack. Sign ups here
    • Further information will also be offered on the current factions as an optional read. A first thread is already up about the motorcycle club, the Hellhounds MC, and others will follow. The Pine Creek PD one, and the one on the Cougar clan is in writing!

    February 16th 2018

    A few of the current troubles in town:

    • The Badgers are faced with a blizzard hiding more than meets the eye
    • Explosions: who let this opossum booby trap everything?
    • A murder investigation reminds detectives of an old massacre
    • Don't ever play coy with bikers...

    January 15th 2018:

    After months of work and a soft open, we are now officially open!

    Take a look at our special Newspaper and historical files for further plot ideas! Here

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