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    • Comic: Marvel and X-Men Universe
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      Modern Earth Modern Magic Modern Superpowers
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      Genesis: AU X-Men RPG Rating

    Genesis is a 3-3-3 PREMIUM AU X-Men roleplay based lightly on the Earth-616 comicverse! We allow both canons and originals and have five main factions to choose from. Our community has modest activity requirements and no character limit or required word count. Players can earn awards for OOC and in-character achievements, and while we are mostly player-driven, we do offer periodical site-wide events for you to participate in if you like! Whether you're a newer fan of the X-Men series or a longtime veteran of the comics or even the films, you'll find a warm welcome here. Our site's history is all our own---no deep knowledge of the films/shows/cinematic universes are needed to join. Just bring your love of writing and come ready to make some awesome stories!

    Our first EVENT is happening in August thru September!  Join us today to be part of a great saga!!


    The war between mutants and humans has infiltrated every part of society: from neutral zones and businesses to hostile territory patrolled by sentinels. Genesis is an AU X-Men roleplay that focuses around the everyday lives of both ordinary citizens and their more gifted neighbors. The X-Men, the Brotherhood, the Hellfire Club, and more are all pieces upon an ever-shifting chess board. Will you be a pawn, a rook, or maybe a king?



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