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Zombie Vampire Carnival Ringleader

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  • Preferred Genres: Horror & Supernatural, Science Fiction
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Character Home Search Information

I think the title speaks wonders about the character I want to play. I'll accept some relative alternatives if you can provide me what they would be in your world but I'll hopefully be able to keep the mix the same as it really doesn't mesh well if it doesn't. I'll put key points about her bio below.


I have a hard no against word counts. Mirror posting, minimum numbers doesn't matter. I want to be able to post between 1 word to 1000. It should be my choice.

Character Biography (Optional)

The character was turned by a vampire and bitten by a zombie in a close period. The virus of the zombie and the healing attributes of the vampire are why she didn't outright die but she's the only of her kind.


While she's an adorable immortal she doesn't heal well. She's kept together by stitching herself up sort of like a doll.


I'm willing to adjust other attributes.


Think Sally from Nightmare before Christmas but a vampire that has to drink blood to mostly stay together.

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