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    More changes

    So I'm sure you've noticed the Directory is progressively changing and getting things added.


    Directory Listing Status


    First is the new feature that directory listing owners should now see in the side bar on both the main forum and when they visit the directory:



    If you're on our discord you have already seen this image but I figure it would be best to explain it.


    A large pain point for users was not knowing when they last edited/bumped their listing or when its in danger of being unlisted. This nifty block will tell you. After thirty days of no edits the color will change to pink and warn you that your listing is pending deactivation. Once its deactivated it will tell you that your listing is inactive in red. Additionally we have added a few notices on the listing itself that only link listing owners see for the potential reason that your site hasn't been approved.




    RP Partner Searches


    Next we have changed the RP Partner searches a little. First, a pain point for looking for RP partners is sometimes whether they are willing to join your site or not or if they are just looking for a partner for the sites they exist on already. Getting excited about a potential RP Partner to read "I will not join other sites, I'm only looking for people to join me on the sites I'm on" is a major downer when looking for compatible partners. While the appearance of the RP Partner search is slowly going to change we have made the following changes to make this more visible:


    This is now on the main listing page, again the look will improve soon!


    Then we have added that plus another spiffy feature:



    You'll note that you can now link Directory listings directly to your Partner search. This is especially important for players that are just looking for partners for the sites they currently participate on.


    But that leads us up into our more overall directory changes where we are trying to really make the directory a users one stop shop to find out about your site! We don't want a user to have to go to three different places to find out things.


    So... when you associate your partner search to a site that is in the directory your partner search is now displayed in the directory listing as well:



    Like the rest the appearance will be updated to be more fun and provide better details but this will really help your site in showing a casual browsing guest or end user that you have players that want to plot! That they want to play.


    What we believe is having the ability to link to your directory listing in RP Searches will be more powerful like this to entice end users to your site before they even start to browse it. When you link your directory listing the person can see everything in one place, character wanted ads, players on your site looking for RP Partners via our RP Partner search. These items have not only been added into your listings but we added links to be able to submit them from your listing as well as well as we tidied it up a bit as you can see in the above screenshot!


    With these changes, and previous changes to the visibility of some of the pages (like Character Wanted Ad searches) we are changing our character wanted ad post policy.


    While we will be keeping to only 1 canon list per directory listing we are releasing the restriction on how many any one individual can post per site. The original intent for this was bumping wars to get visibility on the index page. Since we have moved this into the directory listings and removed the need to even bump listings this restriction has become moot.



    There will be more updates in the future as we continue to hone our directory listings and continue to try to put out the best of what you need as roleplayers to have the best experience.


    rocket power nicksplat GIF


    One last update... I finally fixed this bug... see:


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