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  • Morrigan

    New Achievements System

    Achievements have been something that us gamers have loved and hated since they were created. Completionists like me will tell you that It takes hundreds of hours to complete these things and well.... it really sucks when everything is reset.


    Well, your time here on the Initiative hasn't been reset, however it does need to be rebuilt. Its going to happen a few times over the next week as we fine tune our achievements to better suit the Initiative site instead of being the default achievements. As such we wanted to reach out to the community to let us know of any achievement suggestions that you have.


    Some things that we are going to be adding:

    • Specific achievements for giving or receiving certain reactions (please suggest some names that you think would be fun)
    • Achievements for a ton of firsts (like first link directory post, first playby post etc)
    • Milestone achievements (like for X amount of Playbys submitted, x amount of codes to the Codex submitted) etc.


    If you have an idea please post it and we'll see if we can make it happen. most achievements will come with a badge! We hope that you enjoy it! Look forward to your suggestions.

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    It's great to see the initiative to enhance the achievements system on the platform! Achievements can indeed be a motivating and rewarding aspect of the gaming and online community experience. Here are some achievement suggestions:

    1. Reaction Pro: Given to members who receive a certain number of "likes" or other reactions on their posts or comments. Badge name suggestion: "Reaction Master."

    2. Community Helper: Awarded for assisting other members in resolving questions or issues on the platform. Badge name suggestion: "Helper Extraordinaire."

    3. Trailblazer: Given to those who create and successfully lead their first roleplay or forum thread. Badge name suggestion: "Pathfinder."

    4. Codex Contributor: Awarded for submitting a certain number of codes or resources to the Codex. Badge name suggestion: "Code Wizard."

    5. Pioneer Poster: For being among the first to post in a newly created topic or forum section. Badge name suggestion: "Pioneer Poster."

    6. Loyal Participant: For consistently engaging in discussions or activities on the platform for a specified duration. Badge name suggestion: "Loyalty Streak."

    7. Wordsmith: Given for writing a certain number of words in roleplay posts or stories. Badge name suggestion: "Master Wordsmith."

    8. Creative Connoisseur: Awarded for creating and sharing original artwork, graphics, or creative content. Badge name suggestion: "Artistic Genius."

    9. Frequent Collaborator: For actively engaging in collaborative projects or roleplays with other members. Badge name suggestion: "Collaboration King/Queen."

    10. Achievement Unlocked: A meta-achievement for earning a certain number of other achievements. Badge name suggestion: "Achievement Hunter."

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    We appreciate your dedication to making the Initiative a more engaging platform for us gamers. Achievements are a big part of the gaming experience, and it's exciting to hear that you're fine-tuning them to better fit the site.

    Here are a few achievement suggestions:

    1. Reaction Maestro: Awarded for giving or receiving a certain number of reactions.
    2. Initiative Explorer: Achieved when a user makes their first link directory post.
    3. Playby Pioneer: Given to those who participate in their first playby post.
    4. Milestone Master: For reaching milestones like submitting a certain number of Playbys or contributing a specific number of codes to the Codex.

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