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  • Morrigan

    Inactive listings

    So, if you're site is active you'll not have noticed but if your site was inactive, per our directory rules, you'll have gotten a notification and noticed.


    We have implemented a new modification to help out our directory staff members keep up with inactive listings. Trust me, its a harder job then it looks like to keep up with the amount of listings we have in all of our directories. So this mod is simple, we set it up that it will automatically unapprove your listing if it goes over that directory listings active time. 60 days for the RPG Directory and 90 for most other directories.


    When you're listing goes inactive, unlike before, it will be hidden from everyone except you and the staff. You'll also get a notification letting you know it went active (A feature a lot of you have asked for).


    Its as simple as that.


    So? How do you know if your site has gone inactive other than the notification?


    Well it will turn red and have a red circle with a warning triangle inside of it. You will always be able to see it, even if its inactive and so will the staff.


    How do I reactivate it once its gone inactive?


    Simple enough process. Edit your listing to come into compliance with the directories activity rules and then head on over to our new "Reactivate my listing" forum. Post a link to your listing and a staff member will reactivate it. Its really that simple.

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