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      Eleutheria - Historical Greece RPG Rating

    Eleutheria is a realistic Historical forum set in Classical Greece in the year 403 BC with a bit of a twist.  What would Greece be without the Gods that were worshiped at the time in play?  As the only active Historical Greek site on Jcink, we've done our best to create lore that is understandable, relevant, and accurate for the time.   We are an engaged group of writers who love to plot and create stories while ensuring all members feel welcome, included, and valued for their ideas and content. 


    Our goal on Eleutheria is to ensure creators feel like they're stepping back in time when they enter our world.   As a complement to the field of Historical sites, we welcome the exploration of events and character growth through historically inspired myths and stories.   Classical Greece was rife with love, lust, warfare, political upheaval, turmoil, and debauchery.   As a 3/3/3 rated site, we encourage our writers to explore all aspects of ancient Greek society, including those that are taboo and often hidden in the back pages of our history books.   


    We are always accepting new plots and ideas.   Our global plots are fluid and can change the course of history at any moment.   No story is preconceived, and our members have the capability of shaping the world around them through their own actions.   Below is a list of the Kingdoms currently in play on Eleutheria.   Our site began its story just after the end of the Peloponnesian war when, after the loss of their naval fleet a year before, a beleaguered Attica has surrendered to Sparta and Peloponnesus.   Now with a transition of power imminent, insurgents are anxious for conflict and a desire to take control.

    Once known to have the greatest Naval fleet in all of Greece, Attica has been inundated with plague and a strengthening Spartan armada.   After the battle of Hellespont where their fleets were decimated on the open water, Attica is weak and has no choice but to surrender to Peloponnesus.   Now faced with a Tyrannical Monarchy that is replacing the kingdom's once Democratic system, Attica and its capital city of Athens must adjust to new leadership. Will they rebel and fight for their freedom again?   Or embrace the ways of their enemies and the culture of Sparta?

    Known for their military state, Peloponnesus believes their warriors are created from birth.   Raised from children to be soldiers, their emphasis is on warfare and territory expansion.   Ruthless in battle, Peloponnesus takes no prisoners, and those they do are quickly forced to bend the knee and serve.   But the Peloponnesian war lasted decades and has left the kingdom weaker and financially strapped.   With Attica now under their control, valuable resources are being funneled into the once rival kingdom to rebuild, much to the chagrin of their allies.   Spartaâ's disinterest in trade and outside influence leaves them vulnerable when allegiances are critical.  Will their stubbornness to remain exclusive from the rest of Greece hinder their growth, or will they rise above their critics concerns to become the empire they've always dreamed of being? 

    Normally shrouded in secrecy, the veil between the realms of Gods and men have been torn, and we welcome our readers to follow along with the mythological Deities that influence their characters lives. Mortals are not permitted to enter Olympus, Oceanus, or the Underworld, but that doesn't mean the Gods won't influence them from their realm or the mortal plane.   Creatures of a mythological nature have been known to be cast into special events where mortals can test their mettle against some of the most fearsome beasts ever believed to walk the earth. 



    Eleutheria Home | Site Wiki | Site Canons |  Advertising | Want ads

    Other Notes: Our site  has just gone through a massive overhall and grand reopening after 2 years of being active! There is considerable interest in writing in this genre and we have every intention to appeal to those for a love of Classical Greek stories and mythology.  While historical settings can be daunting, we have done our best to break down the world into a format that is easy to learn so members can jump into play. We're always eager for new friends to join us with exciting ideas, and our community is convinced anyone and everyone can write within a historical theme. Just like modern cultures, the Greeks were a complex people with deep-seated beliefs and a love for family, friends, and their faith. Eleutheria is an intermediate to advanced site, but our emphasis is on the ability for members to carry and move a plot forward, rather than word count.


    Some Unique Features to our Community

    Ease of Use - Easily navigable setup free of clutter and extemporaneous sub-forums.
    User CP Applications - All apps are housed in the main User CP and are shown on the main profile. There is no need to fill out complicated dohtml apps with coding.
    Mythological Beings - While our world is grounded and lead by the mortal realm, Ancient Greece would be nothing without the influence of the Gods they worshipped.
    Immersive Lore - We've done the research for you! All you need to know about Classical Greece and the people who lived then is housed on the site.  
    Historical Fiction + Alternate Timeline - Our site is based in Classical Greece and our lore is pulled from the pages of history, making it easy for writers to research offsite. However, the characters in our world are fictional and influence Greece in their own right from 404 BC onward.  
    Canons - Our extensive canon list allows members to create aristocratic members of society and influence the world around them from their first post. 
    Clans - Create your own aristocratic family to rule city-states and create your own political dynasty!

    Contact Details: please pm me here or on discord @ seraphina #4890.

    We're Looking for Affiliates.

    1st Place winner of RPGD's Free For All Event #183!
    1st Place winner of The Initiative's Heat Wave writing Contest! 
    5 - 5 Star reviews on The Initiative.  Our members love writing here!

    • Eleutherian

      Types of characters: Family,Friends,Foes/Enemies,Romantic,Other

      Historical Greece set in 404BC where Gods and men collide.

    This site does not have anyone searching for a writing partner on the Initiative. If you are a member of this site consider joining and submitting a Writing Partner Search to show off here.

    User Feedback


    · Edited by SHIMMERSHISSY

       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

    UPDATED May 2021: Started out great, but big map made it hard for plotting to keep going. Lots of staff turnover. 


    Wonderful Game!  This is a beautiful site with well thought out set of canons. But, you can also play an original too!  This all combined with a great community of super helpful staff and members. They were so welcoming. I could get to playing right after acceptance!

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    Santa Verda

       4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members


    There are very few Greek sites to choose from on forum platforms; it’s a hard niche to find something that promises to last a while, be active, and also have a good community with fair game runners. The community is really passionate about the era and its setting, more than willing to help people like me, and is not going to fade in the background. The creators have put a lot of time into the project from the beginning, with the help of their base to create an environment that treats a member as more than just a number.


    It has a fairly active OOC community based in Discord, many wanteds to choose from, and even more characters. Once accepted, characters are announced with the admin’s personal summary/synopsis which is a nice touch. Writers themselves tend to get into their scenes, the average being 400+ words. They’re passionate people and it shows through their enthusiasm.


    I’m not particularly well versed in this timeframe but Eleu makes it easy to digest unfamiliar information with streamlined resources and provides visual references. The site itself is not visually overwhelming, and after personally seeing the coder customize premade skins from the beginning to present, it will get even better in the future. I encourage people to check it out!

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    This site is my home.  I love everything about it and even helped out a bit in its creation.  The dedication of the staff in just the site alone should tell you how much they care about this amazing place.  With a light and dark skin, everyone can enjoy the site how they want.  The lore is so deep and rich and no matter your question, they are there to help or help you find it.  Being historical Greece, it's sort of hard to know everything, but they went out of their way to make it so you at least have a good grip on everything.


    The ability to make either one of their amazing canon's or your own awesome original character, sets you up perfectly for getting something you want.  Oh, and don't forget about the people always online in the discord that will help you figure out what you want and hash out details with you.  It's always been helpful for me.


    Last but not least, the members.  Everyone who has joined this site has been amazing and made me feel right at home.  I don't see myself feeling like anywhere else or at least haven't yet.  We are one big happy family and always looking for new ones to grab in our massive group hugs.  It's an insane bunch of people but they all mesh together so well and make the site such an inviting place.


    There really isn't a bad site to Eleu, accept maybe that you can only start with two characters and from there need a certain amount of posts.  So all you character hoarder (like me) be prepared.  Just means you can really develop the ones you start with.


    Well I hope this helps anyone who is interested.  Hope to plot with you soon!

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       3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

    First off, I've created and run and lived and breathed ancient Greece for many years. Both the myth and ancient history sides are quasi-passions of mine, but without time to admin my own sites, it's been impossible to find good ancient Greece ones. This is the only one I've been happy with enough to join, and I'm thrilled that I did.


    The site itself is unparalleled in how well it's put together. The amount of detail the staff here has gone through to create and run this is stunning. Information, lore, rules, canon lists - not to mention the Discord, challenges to inspire people, and even the social media and advertising is like a well-oiled machine. It's not wonder to me that this site is absolutely skyrocketing off the ground.


    Not only is the site absolutely beautiful, but the people are lovely. There's a very good mix of people with a lot of historical knowledge and those without. There are people from every corner of the world, too, which is neat to interact with! Someone is always in chat, and the staff is very involved and consistently making sure everyone is welcome and in the fold - like personalized character acceptance notifications (which every site should adopt because it's one of the best methods I've seen used).


    The only drawback I can see is based on personal preference, and easily acceptable in the face of everything else. If you're someone like me who likes getting apps out of the way and thrives off a variety of plots and personalities to start with, just know that you will only be able to start with 2 characters, and from there, both of those require 20 IC posts before another can be applied for. For some of us that's a hefty undertaking, but again - worth it.


    Anyways. I'm long-winded, but there is so much to say here. In the end, I'm so happy to have found this site.

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    · Edited by Libby

       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Amazing game❤️

    The ability to world build in a historical setting while keeping it fun and easy for anyone to jump in puts them head and shoulders above others in the genre.

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