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  • FRONTIER - A Star Trek RPG

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    FRONTIER - A Star Trek RPG

    • Type: Fandom
    • Fandom: TV: Star Trek
    • Genre: Futuristic Earth, Sci-Fi, Space
    • RPG Rating: FRONTIER - A Star Trek RPG RPG Rating
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    Orbiting the tropical Kerelia, the strategically placed Sigma-class station is nestled between the edge of Federation controlled space, the Tholian Assembly, the Klingon Empire and the unknown. The Sovereign-class USS Mac arrives with a fresh-faced replacement crew, ready to tackle a host of new challenges out on the outskirts of the Beta Quadrant. But life this far from the civilization that they once knew can be hard. It can be unexpected, wonderful, and it can be dangerous.


    The year is 2380. The Dominion War is over, and once again we look toward the unexplored.
    Join us on the FRONTIER.





    FRONTIER is a brand new, play-by-forum Star Trek RPG. Launched 29/02/2020, we offer a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new adventure. Our forum is host to two roleplay scenarios; Front Ear  Station, our event-driven and laid-back jumping-off point, and the USS Mac, the exploratory arm of our operation.

    Our OOC community is lively and friendly and we believe that player engagement and creativity is one of the most important aspects of any roleplay.

    Site Updates

    29.05.2020 - This month at Frontier we are running two player-submitted missions, and we can't wait. Have a read of them below and if what you see tickles your fancy, come join us and take your pick officially! We are still accepting characters for all departments and everyone is welcome.


    Mission briefing: While transporting three terrorists to Arkaria for trial, the USS Mac encounters a menacing anomaly that acts like a storm. Can the crew ride it out? Do the prisoners know more than they’re saying? Join the crew to find out.


    Call of Duty
    Event synopsis: No one has ever questioned why there was a Nyberrite Alliance recruitment office on the Promenade... At least not until there were an alarming number of recruits, several of which were resignations from Starfleet. Suspicious of the allure, several people are asked to infiltrate to see what they can learn.


    Choose your own adventure with us on the Frontier. Questions? Drop by our Discord and say hi!






    01.05.2020 - As our exploratory mission on nearby jungle planet Kerelia draws to a conclusion, and our dedicated Sec/Tac officers in on those responsible for the recent crime-wave on the Station, we once again look toward the next chapter in our adventure. The Mac does its thing and boldly goes further into the inky black of unexplored space, while Front Ear plays host to a curious species called the Sivaoans. Join us this weekend as we set the stage!


    Have a look and chose your own adventure with us on the FRONTIER. Questions? Drop by our Discord and say hi! We're a bit mad, but very friendly. Still recruiting for every department - all open!






    13.04.2020 - Things have gotten a little hairy on Kerelia, and our Away Team have found themselves defending themselves with force. They face a dilemma that could potentially challenge their Starfleet ideals. Got a character who would like to have a say? Come and play.




    05.04.2020 - A mysterious crime wave has washed over the Station, leaving our Sec/Tac personnel a little stumped. Can you help unravel this mystery? Meanwhile, on Kerelia, our away team are busy cataloguing all kinds of new flora and fauna. But as darkness nears they'll unearth something a little less exciting, and a little more terrifying.


    Sound like something you might like? Come say hi and take us for a whirl.




    26.03.2020 - Our first Away Mission is about to start! All players have the choice of either staying on our Station, and participating in a more leisurely event, or joining us aboard the Mac for more action and adventure. Restless during lockdown? We have something for you.


    Come say hi on Discord!




    19.03.2020 - The handover to the fresh-faced crew of the Mac has not at all gone according to plan. Carnivorous plants, loose and unidentified "animals" and an overabundance of lobsters thwart the acclimatization of our crew. Can they get the hang of their new lives?

    Frontier now boasts representation for every department, but we will always want more! Check us out or drop in to our OOC community on Discord.




    08.03.2020 - Exciting times at Frontier! Our launch has been very successful, and our Sovereign-class USS Mac has arrived at the Station. The crew begin to settle in, though all is not as it seems during this handover. Come and say hi

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