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Themes created to specifically work on Jcink.

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  1. Free


    pretend its got a witty name i guess. how do people name their themes. anyway.
    this is really jst a basic jcink theme i did messing around w stuff and learning junk. its my first one. its nothing to write home to mom about. but if u like it and want to use it here u go. its made abt as mobile responsive as i could make it given what software its for so i dont promise its perfect its jst mostly functional on a phone. the stupid ads will stretch the screen still so itll only be completely sans a horizontal scroller on premium sites but u know. basically i made the tables break on phones so dont use tables. tbh. it doesnt have any custom html templates or anything its all jst css and wrapper work, so ur welcome to alter templates and move stuff around and w.e change the colours idc, but if u jst want a basic theme thats readable and kind of responsive for jcink this one might be up ur alley.
    no images. it uses font icons from ionicon and the banner is a placehold.it file. made to work w the advanced profile thing jcink has not the standard one, but u know ppl change it a lot anyway. at the top of the css is a list of all the color hex codes i used throughout the theme for easily adding new elements w the same colors or replacing them.


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  2. Free

    Sci-Fi Corridor

    This is a Sci-Fi skin. It includes a header mouseover effect, special stats section as well as unique new topic indicators.
    You must upload the images onto your Jcink site and replace them in the CSS. The original images for this theme are no longer hosted.


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