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Found 23 results

  1. An AU Elder Scrolls site taking place after the events of TESV: Skyrim
  2. An immersive, well-established, and original high fantasy role-play forum with a focus on creative freedom and fun, dramatic plots!
  3. non-canon/oc wizarding world! original centralized school. 18+. lgbtqia+ friendly! jcink premium!
  4. Kaisa


    Vaeris is an intermediate to advanced, play-by-post, supernatural/fantasy roleplay with a rating of M for mature (or 18+).
  5. For players by players, the 22nd Fleet is a premier role-playing group who write stories in franchises like Star Trek, Orville, Firefly, Star Wars and
  6. A Witcher AU on Jcink premium 3/3/3 site
  7. Silverton, Colorado Territory, 1875. A wild west boom town, where entrepreneurs, gunslingers, and outlaws alike are hoping to strike it rich .
  8. While running the Discord roleplay I have is great, i'm missing my forum days and itching to start one up. I have a concept that i've had for YEARS but i've decided to simplify it some and will have to nail down mechanics for things. :') by now, similar concepts have been done a million times over but I still think it can be fun. The basic idea is that after horrible monsters began to destroy the world, a magical genetic mutation began to awaken and grant powers and sometimes physical alterations in those around puberty (mostly girls but possibly boys too?). These mut
  9. Ok so my idea that I'm toying with (as in the site is in creation mode and taking time cause idk code very well) is a post apocalyptic style RP. The plot is: current day, 19 years after the world went to hell during the aftermath of 9-11. Some country decided (stupidly) to attempt a nuclear bomb and it explodes in the atmosphere causing a global EMP. (I'm not sure of the specifics but somewhere I read that it could happen?) Fast forward, the world hasn't been at war for a few years now, as electronics stopped working, lost electricity, etc. The world was sent back to the dark ages
  10. As the title says, I'm looking for a post row/mini profile for jcink's html templates. The post row/mini profile will be a part of this skin, used on this site once the skin completed. You will get credits and a linkback in the sidebar. I'd like something similar to this with the mini profile stretching in a bar across the top of the post. The account name (with group prefix/suffix) across the top and in a larger font, with roleplayed by (user) under it, along with member group (plain text/no prefix/suffix needed) in a smaller font just below their name. If the account has no
  11. I'll admit it, the main reason I loved the new Proboards Interface so much is that its great for people like me who are lazy when it comes to coding. I'm sort of a noob and don't usually have the time or patience to do style codes from scratch. But for my new board I switched to Jcink hoping to be able to go into Mature Mode with it if I get enough life into the place. Right now I'm still in the middle of setting everything up, but the board is located here: http://onyxtreaty.jcink.net/ . I'm using a slightly modified version of the BRACKISH skin by xexes. What happened was, when
  12. To get started, set up a couple of custom profile fields. For the purposes of this exercise, we're going to use the following: Character Faction Character Age Character's Playby I strongly recommend that Character Faction is a drop down selection, the script relies on everyone using the same spelling and capitalisation. Example: Character Age and Playby does not need any special settings. Save your custom profile fields and take note of their numbers. In my case they will be: Character Faction - <!-- |field_21| -->
  13. Alright, so it was recently brought to my attention that the tabs on my application just.... don't work in IE? I went to double check and low-and-behold -- it's SUPER BROKEN specifically in IE. Chrome works; Firefox works; even Edge works. o_O; Sooooo any ideas? Live here Annnnnd here is the dohtml code annnnd the css (in stylesheet)
  14. So I have seen tons of different platforms for forums. Personally I've come to love the way jcink works. It's a little more complicated than some, but in my opinion the end result is a smoother, more visually defined forum. On top of this the admin section, and additions, are incredible and easy to understand. However, the truth is I've only used proboards and jcink, so I have absolutely no experience with any other platforms...in fact I don't even know what other platforms are out there, or how hard or easy they might be to use. What do you use? What do you suggest people try?
  15. I know I'm making this about 20 times harder than it needs to be because I didn't originally code this skin with mobile devices in mind. This skin has been... 2? years in the making. Ahah. I always told myself I'd get around to looking into mobile-specific stuff "in a few more days" or "once this piece of code is finished." And now the entire skin is pretty much done... Except for a more mobile-friendly version. lmao Sooo... Where do I even start? I have a basic media query (pointer:coarse because looking at the list of media queries for all the different devices out there scares
  16. There is a converter to go from IPB 1.3 to phpBB2. I've used it to get from IPB 1.3 (Jcink) to MyBB. (Since you can't really convert directly from IPB 1.3 to MyBB 1.6...) So I can attest that it does work. Here's the link to the converter. From here you need to set up your web server... I recommend using Xampp (but you can use whatever you prefer) rather than your live server simply because this way you don't use any of your liver server's resources. (Additionally, depending on your hosting, you may not be able to make the following changes to your php file so the transfer will fail
  17. Hopefully this is the right place to ask this. I wasn't sure! Anyway, I've been poking around Discord API because I want to create bots to pool all wanted ads from different sites for easier access for myself and my staff. The problem is that my coding experience is with the visual aspect of coding. I'm great with HTML and CSS, but I'm a little lost in the woods like red riding hood here when it comes to trying to do this. But, I know it can be done, I've seen it on RPG-I's Discord. Can somebody help me to grandma's house and away from the big bad wolf?!
  18. This is something I am actively working on and have a couple of friends currently on the discord and site as it takes form. I am looking for insight, or people who would like to join up for a soft opening. The idea right now is basically the premise/story behind a video game called The Long Dark. The Long Dark is a video game that is placed after the events of a Geomagnetic apocalyptic event in which the world loses all electronic devices, including cars, planes, ships, and everything, and experiences what is basically a new ice age. So many apocalyptic sites focus on zombies, plagues, big civ
  19. Recently, I came across a jcink site that basically ripped off all of my board concepts, some of them still keeping the names I named them, basically referenced our rules and board information (in the same order, but isn't copied word for word), and adjusted it to fit their site. Is there anything that can be done to report such a thing? I understand if it were copied word-for-word it'd be directly plagiarism, but since it's copying ideas and our basic structure of our information, can anything be done about that? Thanks! Anonymous poster hash: 0f5a7...0e1
  20. My board is here. So, I'm looking to make my site's skin more accessible, and part of this includes a new tab system. What I'm attempting to do (following this tutorial) and have mostly succeeded with is allowing people to tab through the tabs (hah) and use enter key to switch to a tab. I'm also looking to let the user use their arrow keys to automatically switch through the tabs as well. Tab/enter key works fine, but the second I try to use the arrow key method is where the code is going haywire. If I use the arrow keys, it appears as if all the tabs are selected excep
  21. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Sci-Fi skin. It includes a header mouseover effect, special stats section as well as unique new topic indicators. You must upload the images onto your Jcink site and replace them in the CSS. The original images for this theme are no longer hosted.
  22. Alright, so only recently did I start using the alert setup Jcink started offering. Now, it's great in theory, but as the skin was made pre-alerts it doesn't really do it justice, appearance wise, and now we have a transparent alert box when you click the ALERT button. It's a minor thing, but it's driving me up the wall. Where can I adjust the look of the alert box? Or what do I have to add to my .css to adjust it? I need some sort of background to it so it's actually easy to see when you do click it. I checked the css and board headers, but I didn't spot anything that was obviously linked to
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