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Found 17 results

  1. Show Me Your Teeth is a modernized urban fantasy set in NOLA. We are an 18+ community that's open to all walks of life and encourage community world-building. So if you're looking for a place to show those fangs without getting staked hop on over and check us out!
  2. Does your character ever sabotage themselves? Why? Do they realize they're doing it?
  3. Are there any who would absolutely join and be active in this? - It would be based on the 1994 movie only. Everything else official would be ignored. Any expansion to the lore, characters, and story would be our own fan visions. - It would have an au storyline where the wildebeest plan fails and Mufasa manages to save both Simba and himself. Mufasa finds out that it was Scar who left Simba in there and had the hyenas attack the herd, and that it was Scar who told Simba about the elephant grave yard. Mufasa exiles Scar under the bane of death, because as much as he loves his brother he loves his son that much more. This of course would deeply affect life in Pride Lands, what with it being scandalous situation and Scar still remaining a threat. The timeline would start from that wildebeest scene and go on indefinitely. As said, The Lion Guard tv series would not apply but the idea of a Guard makes sense. So there would be a Lion Guard composed of trusted, smart and strong adult lions whose duty it is to help the king in keeping the Pride Lands secure and peaceful. It would be an ancient organisation which members are chosen by the king. Of course the Guard would also include moles and birds because the land is too wide for just lions to keep an eye on. So that'd be the setting. No more specific overarching plot but to be character-driven based on that setting. - It would be a play-by-post forum rpg, self-hosted on myBB. - Canon and original characters both playable. - I would play Simba. And possibly Mufasa too, unless someone else absolutely wants him. I might also bring in an OC cub from outside of Pride Lands who is an orphan. - This game would have fluid time flow, not seasonal, and though fluid time enables setting a game event to any point of time whenever I personally don't do huge time jumps but prefer building my characters' lives in more or less chronol8gical order. As in it could be a long time before I'd write anything for Simba's adulthood. Please let me know if you'd absolutely certainly join and play actively for a long time or if you just might, because I don't want to waste my time on founding a site only for no one to join or remain active or to disappear/quit soon.
  4. As roleplayers and fans of existing fandoms, what are your thoughts on implementing major non-canon plots in-game? I'm kicking off a Dragon Age pbp rpg but, as a GM, I like to mix things up between canon and non-canon plots, especially when there's timeline gaps between canon narratives and/or game releases. I'm calling my non-canon plot "Scions of the Land" (check out the teaser image attached). Is it wholly lorebreaking to take creative liberties? Or should we provide players with more narratives so they can branch out a little? Personally, I'm of the latter school of thought, but I'm interested in hearing about other non-canon plots that GMs from other fandom rpgs have tried out. What did you name yours, and why? Was it a successful plot in-game? If yes, what made it work? If no, why do you think it floundered? Did you put a cap on how many players could be involved? What inspired you to buck tradition and try out a different, non-canon direction in the first place?
  5. From the album: Original Character Concepts

    Character concept of a Hapan Jedi Master, Corvus Arca Dalen from Star Wars Odyssey RPG.

    © Copyright (C) J.K. Stasiak - All Rights Reserved

  6. From the album: Forum Signatures & Other Gfx

    © Copyright J.K. Stasiak - All Rights Reserved

  7. From the album: Forum Signatures & Other Gfx

    © Copyright J.K. Stasiak - All Rights Reserved

  8. From the album: Forum Signatures & Other Gfx

    © Copyright J.K. Stasiak - All Rights Reserved

  9. From the album: Forum Signatures & Other Gfx

    © Copyright J.K. Stasiak - All Rights Reserved

  10. Whenever I'm gone, my members go utterly, utterly silent. They don't even put in an effort to chat with each other. I'm a pretty talkative person and I like being involved, I like hanging out with them, but if I'm away, everything is dead. Is this a consequence of me forcing myself into conversation too often when I'm around? Am I actually prohibiting them from getting to know each other? Or is the issue something else? I feel this is a common thing admins have dealt with as I've heard the same thing from others. Anyone ever solved this/Remedied this?
  11. Hello everyone, I'm new to RPG Initiative but also on RPG Directory and even Reddit. I'm a veteran role player for online, freeform and text-based storytelling style RPGs. Basically, I love to write and I have a big imagination and I adore being around likeminded creative spirits. I'm also a veteran of Worlde Arcane, which was my favourite game for long time but it no longer exists. Just mentioning it in case anyone comes across this post and wants to reconnect. Looking forward to being a part of the community. I don't just advertise on directories like this, I use them as a Game Master resource to talk shop with other Admins and Mods and get ideas, etc. etc. Oh, and as the subject said, I'm from Canada (Toronto)! Hello!
  12. Hey guys! Some of you may notice that I have been recently working on a site. BEaconRock has been officially in my back burner for...probably a month now, and is slowly being built by myself (with a bit of help from a friend here and there). I recently came to the conclusion of a few things I'd like to feature for the site, and I'd love advice, and to bounce ideas, off of fellow RPers, and forum owners. Here are a few of the things going on that I'd love to hear from you about: 001. I've decided that I'd like to add the ability to decide between forum RP and chat based roleplay. For this reason I've created TWO discord servers for BeaconRock. One is just for OOC/non-canon interaction. The other is the literal IC ChatRP option. This being said, I know that I will want to have the option to buy powers, upgrades, maybe additional character slots, utilizing the points for the website. My question is: How do I translate this to the Discord ChatRP. I'd hate for some people to prefer chat based roleplay in general, only to be left out of all of the point advantages of writing on the site. That being said all events and contests and such would still happen on site. So it's not as if there WONT be opportunities for them to gather points there. I'd still require all characters to follow site rules, be applied for on the forum, and approved by staff, in order to be played even in the chat. On my Discord RP server I have included a channel that will only be for a list of rules, and useful links, like an invite code to the regular chat server, and site things. Any advice here? 002. I'm in search of bots! BUT I don't want some weird fancy bot with tons of weird options like "meme" and "money" and all that. Basically I am looking for one I can program to announce when a "thread" has been posted in certain forums on the site, right into Discord. I know it's possible because I've seen it done, but I'm so new to this I don't even know where to begin. I'd like one I can program to "say" something ever two hours or so, like announcing 'vote' links, or reminding about 'contests', basically whatever I program it to say. It'd be ideal I wouldn't have to trigger the announcement, I'd like for it to automatically post 'new threads' in all RP forums into a specific channel, or maybe 'new character threads' into the staff channel. As well as pulling 'new threads' when posted in an announcement forum so that I don't have to manually post it everywhere. So, what are some of your favorite bots? Why is this? Do you have a suggestion for ones I could use for this? Do you have suggestions you think I could use and haven't considered? 003. I want to implement a store! What kind of things do you think are practical for an RP store to have? My site will have three species. Wolves, witches, humans. As well as being a modern-day-character-driven plot line. What sort of things to you like having the option to buy? Do you prefer to earn new character slots through posting, or points? Do you believe characters should be up-gradable in powers? How so? Should they buy items, or is this over kill and hard to keep up with? I don't know how much I like the idea of buying items...it seems a bit much. What about buying plots, or staff written goodies, or the ability to hold your own site events? Anything you would suggest store wise? 004. Stepping into owning a forum by myself is daunting. I've tried staff searches, and while there seemed to be hype and interest in the concept, there just weren't any bites in actual helping me out. That being said, I was considering a soft opening relatively soon-ish, once I figure out how to utilize the chat-RP correctly, and probably once I have a store in place for the point system. Anyone have any pointers for me? I'm dedicated to the idea of this forum. I've put time and effort into writing these things, and I'm determined to open. My dedication isn't in question...just staring ahead knowing I'll be on my own is a bit....you know XD
  13. JDE

    Click me

    Hello. My name is Jacquelyn, but I mostly go by Jackie, JD or Jackzilla. Actually... please call me one of the three options, because not even my fiancé calls me by my real name. I would suggest that you can call me by his petname for me, but I'm not too sure you'd feel comfortable calling me that. I totally wouldn't mind though! I mean... well, anyway. That was off topic, huh? Let's see... what do you need to know? I am 24 years old, I live with my fiancé (God I love saying that. We're recently engaged, so you'll have to excuse me) and our cat Loke (Which is the Danish version of Loki). I am a social worker and I work with adult psychiatry and addictions. I've been RP'ing since I was 13 years old. Well... officially. That's when I joined sites and became aware of the term RP'ing. Before that, I did it and just called it "playing over text, because my friends and I can't be out past curfew". Let's get on with some questions, shall we? How long have you been RPing? Interesting question. As you see above, I've been RP'ing since I was 13, officially. So that would be 11 years now. Unofficially? Since MSN and texting on cells were a thing. What are your favorite RP genres? Marvel/DC Original Supernatural General fandom Real Life Not necessarily in that order, sometimes I have more muse for one than the other. How do you like to RP (Forum, chat, email)? Forum Chat Googledoc Email You think of it, I might like it. Except for Tumblr. I don't understand how that works. What is your favorite kind of plot? Friendship Love Hate/enemies Frenemies What is your favorite book, movie or type of music (or all three)? Oh gosh, I love so many different books. Well, the obvious are: Harry Potter Tolkien's universe Mortal Instruments Then there's the not so obvious ones: The prophesy of the three stones The curse of the kings My secrets What other interest/Hobbies do you have? Oh gosh. Well... I make cosplay, I knit and I watch a lot of Netflix and Youtube. What's your favorite color? Purple, baby blue and leaf green. These colors make my world happy. What's your favorite drink? Strawberry daiquiri. And Pepsi max.
  14. Don't write alone, they say. Involve your members, because RPG means interaction. Well, it means interaction between characters, and this could be achieved even if they are written by only one writer. What if the members CAN get involved, but they don't want to? I would have liked to involve them in all threads, to have characters of all kind (not only NPCs) shared, or at least to have discussions among writers even if I have to write some threads alone. They seem to simply not be interested. In this case, isn't better to write the story alone, than have the chapter missing from the whole story, and "left to anyone's imagination"? Don't we write to let out the story prisoner in our minds, and have it read by our readers, as few as they might be in certain cases? I am still pondering, in one case, if to write a thread wholly alone or to wait for the potential involvement of two other writing partners. Yes, they can be involved and I'd love them to. I think their contribution would add to the story and it could be also good character development for their own characters, if they care to develop them. This is the main issue - if they care to develop them, if they care to get involved. Because one hadn't written in his ongoing threads for 3 weeks, and I don't know when he'll write again, if he will be available for another thread and if, assuming he'd join, he'd do this thread the same thing (making me wait 3-4 weeks or more for one post). And most of the above could apply for the other too. People who post at 3-4 weeks, and in 3 weeks I can finish the whole thread alone. Decisions, decisions. I have stopped, though, with an opened thread, waiting for them to see if they want to get involved. If not, I can get ambitious and finish the thread alone in one week-end, some day.
  15. Hello! I'm Lunarchild but you can call me Lunar for short! I've been RPing since 2009. My favorite genre is fantasy - I can really dig my claws into a fantasy rpg. Though I will play any genre except sci-fi. I prefer to roleplay on a forum site because I do work 8:30 - 5:30 Monday - Friday so I feel like I don't miss as much as on a Chat based site. Let's see, I don't have a favorite book but my favorite movie is Bad Teacher (mainly because I AM a teacher). I love Taylor Swift's music. I am a total Swiftie. My favorite show is currently Pretty Little Liars and Orange is the New Black. I take photos and scrapbook in my spare time but haven't done it in a while. Currently my interest is cardio. Haha! No really thought, Working out I have found is a great stress reviler. My favorite color is pink and red and my favorite drink is unsweet iced- tea.
  16. You pour your heart and soul into a site. You manage to get it off the ground, and it's awesome. There's nothing better than a site that's active, that everyone enjoys. Then your activity dwindles. Real Life kicks you in the balls. You notice a member has 'borrowed' a ranking system you developed from scratch, to use in a different genre site. Whatever, it's not that big of a deal. They changed it. It's not a carbon copy. Your site dies. Everyone's real life kicked their ball-sacks and everyone's just kind of, poking it with a stick. Go back to actually be dutiful, close things properly, and there's an advertisement from an old member. Catches your eye. You read it and think "Huh, this sounds just like THIS EXACT SITE." They even slip something about 'Inspired by [yoursitename]' into their advertisement. What is this tomfoolery? A quick browsing of the rules, and they are SO DAMN FAMILIAR. Because they were STOLEN. WORD FOR WORD. FROM YOUR SITE. That's not all! Your Plot! Your information pages, it's all on THEIR SITE. What in the good name of Grace are you supposed to do? How do you handle this? Am I wrong for being unreasonably irate?
  17. From the album: Merimutt

    Character concept design for college
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