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Found 12 results

  1. Ordinary people, with extraordinary abilities... Something unexpected is happening. You could call it evolution... or just plain bad luck. All across the globe, seemingly regular people have begun to display irregular abilities. A secret faction works in the background to bring this phenomenon under control, while another seeks to unleash it. What side will you be on? The side of secrecy or control? Join us, and find out if you were always destined to be a Hero... or a Villain.
  2. Ems

    Reidun Weyr

    Reidun Weyr is a seaside Weyr on the northern continent, and Reidun Hold is beholden to the Weyr. Towards the southern tip, weather is balmy and pleasant most of the year. It has long been believed that dragons impress based on how dominant or submissive someone is, on whether they're a leader or a follower, but if one looks closely they can see that is not the case at all. We are an 18+ roleplay with a 2-2-2 rating. Impressions on Reidun Weyr occur based on personality traits.
  3. Beyond is a post nuclear apocalypse survival horror beginning in the subterranean Moscow Metro and expanding into the hostile waste beyond.
  4. This is the catchy information that will get you to click on my record.
  5. Experience the splendor... the danger... the intrigue of DUNE, as you step into the role of House Mentat, Swordmaster, Noble, or Bene Gesserit Sister in service to one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad. Stride across the scorching sands of Arrakis or finesse your way into an imperial gala on Wallach IX. Smuggle the spice mélange to the rich and powerful or lead your House's forces in a raid against the Harkonnen oppressors. Endless adventure lies ahead!
  6. 10 years ago this year, a hidden feud spilled out into the public eye and consumed the world. Peace was achieved on New Dawn Island and now magic and powers in general have grown common place and accepted. Special schools across the globe teach kids how to harness their abilities. None more established and prestigious as Trinity Academy on New Dawn Island. Now, forces are at work and mysteries wait to be uncovered on this stage that once again hold's the fate for the world's future.
  7. The year is 20ABY. While the New Republic has been established for two decades now, the galaxy has not known true peace. Battling with Imperial Remnants, Dark Jedi, and the rising criminal element. The New Jedi Order had only just formed when the remnants of the empire gathered in the Unknown Regions and reformed into the First Order. Shortly afterward, the One Sith appeared throughout the galaxy, corrupting it and achieving its own hidden goals.
  8. Earth is long gone. What remains of humanity strives for survival, redemption and ascension on the Zelius space station. People are grown, guarded, assessed and assigned to districts as contributors. Residents divided in their values and visions. Alien contact. Choices few are ready to make. What we are, who we will become - only one way to find out… Member driven with abundance of opportunity to shape the site, lore and story - in history and going forward. A world we own and create, together.
  9. The year is now 2382. The Dominion War is over, and once again we look toward the unexplored. With three SIMMs and four roleplay scenarios, we're carving out our spot on the Frontier! Join us. A Star Trek RPG | 35+ IC Posts Per Day | 2 Years
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is a Sci-Fi skin. It includes a header mouseover effect, special stats section as well as unique new topic indicators. You must upload the images onto your Jcink site and replace them in the CSS. The original images for this theme are no longer hosted.
  11. From the album: Original Character Concepts

    An original Sci-Fi character named Liya Bahor, she was used in the role-playing game Star Wars: The Old Republic and played the part of an Imperial Agent/Sniper.

    © Tenebris 2018

  12. To start off lets define what both Cyberpunk and Biopunk mean and the "main" differentiation between them. Image: Keanu Reeves from Johnny Mnemonic In his "Online" gear. Talk about being on the Internet! Cyberpunk is a sci-fi setting in which a lawless place, often a dystopia with oppression, is dominated by computer technology. Biopunk on the other hand is a sci-fi setting with biotechnology. Technically Biopunk is a derivative of Cyberpunk however it is often used a separate term altogether as they are not exclusive. You do not have to have Biopunk to have Cyberpunk however you do 'technically' need Cyberpunk to have Biopunk. There are alternatives that are other crossover "punk" genres that include biopunk that are not Cyberpunk, for example Steampunk with working prosthetic limbs powered by steam, this is in no way tied to Cyberpunk however it is biopunk. Lets delve a little deeper into Biopunk as "biotechnology" is a vague term all by itself. So when we are referring to biotechnology we are referring to things that are technological that are put into an organic person. We have Biopunk in modern technology. Things like cochlear implants or pacemakers are bio technology. They are implanted into the body and non-organic. Image: Heart from Repo Men The new age pace maker. Now Biopunk is not limited to technology that is implanted within humans or used to upgrade their memory or enhance them. It also includes things like DNA manipulation, cloning and bioweapons. When you investigate into cloning humans or changing the human genetic structure, there is nothing natural about it but it requires technology to provide us with those tools. Now how does this make these elements something that is used a lot in Sci-Fi sites that have heavy amounts of technology? For the most part the answer to this is pretty easy, because humanity has already started down this path. The other part is that it's heavily used in Sci-Fi pop culture so it's harder to envision a future of technology without one or both of these elements. Image: Karl Urban from Almost Human The future of prosthetics. Plug in your limb and it's charged by morning. Lets take, for example, prosthetic limbs. We are already looking into the many ways that we can use robotic technology to advance how a prosthetic limb will work in the future. Ways for limbs to actually react from the person it is attached to. To the right here there is an image of Karl Urban from the show "Almost Human". He lost his leg in an explosion and that blue leg there is his prosthetic one that he uses. It is fully functional so he doesn't limp while on the job. This is technically simply a Cyberpunk setting however if you look above on the left that is a Jarvik model replacement heart, inserted directly into you, there isn't anything organic about it and so a combination. Talk about the new age in organ transplants! Where does cyberpunk end and biopunk begin? Well the answer to that is simple enough, when the cyber breaches genetics or organic matter it's turned biopunk. If you're on the internet it's cyberpunk, if you are plugged into the internet through a slot on your neck, it's biopunk. Pop culture references (not listed above): Blade Runner (Cyberpunk) Orphan Black (Biopunk) Repo! The Genetic Opera (Biopunk) Robocop (Biopunk) Ghost in the Shell (Biopunk) The Net (Cyberpunk) If you would like more examples please just post a comment here and I'll get you a few more.
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