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NaNo House

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Bending Nation

  1. The Forgotten Realms is an AU Dungeons & Dragons Role Play. A great shadow has settled over the jungles of Chult. The bonds that old ancient evils at bay have started to weaken - and chief among these, the Cult of the Dragon has been seen active for the first time since the Last Rage of the Dragons. To some, willful ignorance may be a choice. For others, the Era of Upheaval has only just begun.
  2. Wes


    Our star is full of gods and mistakes. Our setting picks up 88 years after a war of the races ended in begrudging peace and a calamity has caused a whole continent to flee! Will the races learn to get along and share limited resources or is more conflict brewing? Come join our supportive community of story enthusiasts sending their characters on adventures! Choose from 25+ races and 40+ locations to RP in! The Almanac sets the scene, the Atlas gives you maps of our world, and a Beastiary awaits!
  3. Ordinary people, with extraordinary abilities... Something unexpected is happening. You could call it evolution... or just plain bad luck. All across the globe, seemingly regular people have begun to display irregular abilities. A secret faction works in the background to bring this phenomenon under control, while another seeks to unleash it. What side will you be on? The side of secrecy or control? Join us, and find out if you were always destined to be a Hero... or a Villain.
  4. D-S

    Devil's Tattoo

    An original supernatural site: various species of werecreatures coexisting for the better or the worse. In a fictional small town of Pine Creek, Kentucky, where evil roams in secret. Mystery, horror, crimes etc
  5. Ivy

    Valiant Hearts

    Valiant Hearts is a myBB Dragon Age AU site that takes place in 9:48 Dragon, after the Veil has been removed between the Fade and Thedas by the Dread Wolf. The world around us is constantly changing.
  6. c.widow

    Equus RPG

    A fantasy equus play by post role play where characters experience an entirely new life after their death that they may or may not remember. The afterlife is not a kind place and this game has been designed with just that in mind. This dimension is packed full of chaos, confusion, and even dark terrors! It is unforgiving and this is their "last chance" at living (atleast here it is).
  7. Ems

    Reidun Weyr

    Reidun Weyr is a seaside Weyr on the northern continent, and Reidun Hold is beholden to the Weyr. Towards the southern tip, weather is balmy and pleasant most of the year. It has long been believed that dragons impress based on how dominant or submissive someone is, on whether they're a leader or a follower, but if one looks closely they can see that is not the case at all. We are an 18+ roleplay with a 2-2-2 rating. Impressions on Reidun Weyr occur based on personality traits.
  8. Set in a mediterranean backdrop, and inspired by medieval slavic cultures, the world of Roslova is teeming with life and opportunities.
  9. A WORLD RESET... Watching from afar, the legendary pokemon that created the world realized that it desperately needed a reset. As such, they agreed to purge the world of humans and start from zero. A reset. A refresh. PRESENT DAY: Five centuries after the reset, humans are on the incline once more. Except in this new world, humans are sometimes bestowed the power of magic by legendary pokemon and they are bonded to a single pokemon.
  10. Experience the splendor... the danger... the intrigue of DUNE, as you step into the role of House Mentat, Swordmaster, Noble, or Bene Gesserit Sister in service to one of the Great Houses of the Landsraad. Stride across the scorching sands of Arrakis or finesse your way into an imperial gala on Wallach IX. Smuggle the spice mélange to the rich and powerful or lead your House's forces in a raid against the Harkonnen oppressors. Endless adventure lies ahead!
  11. Neowulf


    Kotoll is a modern fantasy, 18+ writing community that begins in a post apocalyptic world where people have rebuilt the world using old and new technology. Tensions are rising between the rich upper class and the lower, who live literally separated by their city's architecture. We're active, with awesome writers and we love to help your plots unfold!
  12. Have you ever truly explored trying to 'create a fictional world with science fiction and fantasy elements?' In order to write a good story, or create a fictional world based on whatever interests you have, you need to learn as much as you can about them. Science Fiction is a broad variation of things and there are many fantasy aspects already embedded in the genre. Science ‘Fiction’ – The word Fiction dictates that it is imaginary or a ‘fantasy’ in a sense. So you already have a story with fantasy elements and science fiction elements. Now it really depends on where you wish to go with your fictional world. What kind of creatures, people, and items are there in your fantasy world? Is your world filled with Supernatural beings, is it a world based on the real world, with a few ‘fictional’ or fantasy aspects? How much of fantasy do you want and how realistic do you want it to turn out? There are so many ways to answer this question as it all depends on you and what you want your reader to know, see, feel, taste, etc. Some of the best fantasy novels have their roots in science, because it takes science to create a viable and believable fantasy world. Science serves as a base to anchor the whimsical elements. Even with its analytical nature, science can only takes us so far. There is just so much out there we don’t know. We’re still discovering uncategorized animals and plant species, and there’s an ongoing debate over whether time is infinite. No matter how analytical science becomes, there is always room for imagination.
  13. Rated 18+, experience a dark fantasy DnD RP with world building, unique races that will be discovered over time in a modern kingdom, monster battles, and more. A continent suffers at the hand of magic; some kingdoms have learned to adapt while others are against it.
  14. Hello! We are an 18+ modern/fantasy roleplay with supernatural and futuristic twists intended for intermediate to advanced writers. Our forum is primarily set in 2006 New York and the imaginative universe of Disney's Gargoyles. Knowledge of the show is not required to join us: all are welcome! Please say hi in our Discord; we would love to meet you!
  15. An 18+ Only Multi-Fandom and Original forum that is home to multiple games created by me and the members. Currently we only have the ones listed below. Other sections and games are added at request.
  16. The year is 304 AC and the landscape of Westeros is changing. The Stag King is dead and nine sovereigns rise in wake of his defeat. Dragons have returned to the world with three Targaryen lords as their masters. Power shifts and turns, lying in wait for the ones who will claim it as magic rises in the most unlikely of places.
  17. Bom Bom


    After the gods abandoned the very world they created, the planet slowly falls into disarray. What was once harmony is now replaced with chaos. What will you do amongst the mayhem? Welcome to the world of Okaria! We are an all-animal RPG with its own culture, lore, deities, and even its own seasons. Come and explore the vast world of magic that awaits, and let your creative spirit run rampant!
  18. Image


    THRAGG is a High Fantasy Post-Apocalyptic text-based role-play. with themes in Medieval, Steampunk, and Magic. An adult atmosphere with no word count or activity checks. Here you can be just about anything from Human to non-human, or even Dragons to Seeds of deities. Dive into the world's lore with the character-driven political Drama, Forbidden Romances, monster-hunting, treasure exploring, and more. Build and create on the world's expansive lore.
  19. What was that cartoon? Where the main character entered and would say... HERE I AM TO SAVE THE DAYYYYYYYYYY Wait.... it was... who WAS it? I was thinking Underdog, but he had his own hero song. And then I thought it might be Mickey Mouse... but... nope. NOT Mickey Mouse... dang.... OH OH I KNOW I KNOW It was MIGHTY MOUSE!!! I'm not here to save the day for EVERYONE!! Just those that I can. I'm an active player. Great imagnation. Can create a character on the fly, too. My interests are geared more toward the following: Historical (as accurate as I can get it a bit of flamboyance tossed in for SPARKS); fantasy -- I like dragons and am very good at transitioning. I am also creative and wordy. Yes, very wordy. I came to be here by way of Cosima and I am looking forward to meeting those of like mind and being introduced to NEW games and anything else that's adventurous and can be found here or there!
  20. soggymuse

    Dragon Key

    Feel free to crop or add text. I designed it so there's plenty of space for a newsbox or links to go over the top on the right hand side. Remember to credit! Credit Star and splatter brushes by kuschelirmel-stock Smoke brushes by Revnart Dragon stock by elevit-stock Key by Nadija-stock Ribbon by MouritsaDA-Stock Book by absurdwordpreferred Cog by frozenstock Textures by mercurycode

    © soggymuse at Distant Fantasies

  21. This image is free to use for RP purposes only. You may use this image to represent a character, create a character avatar, banner, signature. You may use this image to create a forum header, forum graphics, or RP site graphics. You must credit Pinkatron2000 or GreaterRealms somewhere on the website it is used, or within your character(s) profiles if using for avatar/signature use. Thank you.

    © Pinkatron2000/GreaterRealms

  22. This image is free to use for RP purposes only. You may use this image to represent a character, create a character avatar, banner, signature. You may use this image to create a forum header, forum graphics, or RP site graphics. You must credit Pinkatron2000 or GreaterRealms somewhere on the website it is used, or within your character(s) profiles if using for avatar/signature use. Thank you.

    © Pinkatron2000/GreaterRealms

  23. This image is free to use for RP purposes only. You may use this image to represent a character, create a character avatar, banner, signature. You may use this image to create a forum header, forum graphics, or RP site graphics. You must credit Pinkatron2000 or GreaterRealms somewhere on the website it is used, or within your character(s) profiles if using for avatar/signature use. Thank you.

    © Pinkatron2000/GreaterRealms

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