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    Note: Event prompts can be undertaken at any time. There's no time limit on them to allow for less stressful RPing. It's only needed to post a small report dictating what happened in them within the prompt for future world development.



    Update — 8/14/22 


    The former name of your home has been wiped from your lips. All that comes now when you speak of the half-sunken, scorched ruins is Kataklysmia, no matter how hard you try. It's as if that has always been its name, though you know better in the restless recesses of your psyche. In your home, the clouds turn to ash and the sky to to blood.  A nightmarish silhouette taller than the highest peaks rises in the distance, twisted limbs creating new canyons and gorges in singular swipes. Its footfalls sink entire cities and erode the island's earthy link to the seafloor. An angry god-beast would see to it that the land you walked on perish. The only escape from destruction? Heading into The Veil, a blinding and dangerous travel deterrent of ethereal fog and Pale Beasts. Should you survive, you'll emerge in Icaica, your new home of struggles and opportunities.





    Update — 3/4/23

    New Magic Added: Ghejin
    New Race Added: Giruvega
    New Miscellaneous Lore Added: Minerals


    The Tree of Perdition has been referred to by different names throughout its history, such as the Infernal Root of eternal evil, Crux of everlasting violence, and the thing that should not be. It's an abominable eldritch phenomenon that occurs throughout Aphalia with its cause the center of wide debate: it's a balance for unchecked all-powerful gods, the condensation of malice born of Aphalia's continued racial strife, the physical manifestation of where wicked souls earning eternal punishment go after death instead of back to the chea veins, or maybe just something that happened for no reason. Its shape, size and other attributes vary depending on a number of factors, but it is always said that some part of it will appear as an indescribably monstrous plant that looks nothing like anything that could ever exist in the natural world as Aphalia understands it. One thing is known, however. It's appearance warps the world around it, brings about dangers unknown as it gathers energy from the land, and ultimately releases its foreign magic into an Infernal Shard, leaving behind a phenomena known as a Scathe — an environment in which plants and exceedingly rare minerals exist, providing a chance at riches far beyond measure.





    Update — 8/28/23

    New World Lore Added: Crime and Punishment

    New Badges Added: Pip Post

    Updated The Beastiary!
    Limited-Time Event: The 58th Annual Moratorium Masquerade!


    A hurricane of messenger birds whirled over you, dousing the whole topside of the town in ominous shadow. It was anything but! This was not a loud, squawking omen of doom, but a yearly sign that it was again time for a particular event that more and more Icaicans looked forward to every year. The Moratorium Masquerade is about setting aside differences for a day. Each attendee is required to wear a specially enchanted mask where no one will be able to tell who or what they are. The hope is that by robbing people of their natural biases, no matter how big or small, they will be able to bond with those they’d otherwise never interact with. Even small, frivolous moments such as these can sew the seeds of change. A band of traveling bards called Domus Festiva await, as do circus acts, a bar stocked with drinks as far the eye can see as well as game tables for those who enjoy a bit of gambling. a small colony of massive, pointy tents were magicked up in the blink of a ribbon-dancing eye. Beneath each one is a raised dance floor that glitters like the night sky and endless strings of magelights strung clear to the peaks. Silent fireworks continuously blast into vibrant colors overhead to be admired both close up and from the territories on either side. The atmosphere is electrifying, but will you join?


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