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  1. Free

    Arceus' SMF Character Manager

    ACM is no longer being updated. It evolved into its own software package, independent of SMF, called Vesta, formerly Gaia, and I am working on maintaining and developing Vesta, not ACM. Whatever you get when you download ACM is what you get. The SMF coterie has fixes for bugs and mishaps for you, I will try to continue supporting it, but beyond this I will not be updating it or adding new features, if it stops working then it stops working, I'm not rewriting anything or fixing any bugs, I don't have the time to maintain both ACM and Vesta, and Vesta wins.
    This modification will make quite a few changes to your SMF installation to enable management of characters. This works more in favour of role-plays than SlammedDime's SubAccounts mod, intended to better streamline and simplify the use of subaccounts on SMF. This mod also comes with a conversion tool, which will transfer subaccounts over to characters. The screencaps are all from a live board using it, to demonstrate vaguely what it looks like in use, not just testing setup.
    Create and manage characters from user account. Never switch accounts again. Ever. For anything. Edit and delete override functions for staff; edit and delete characters across your site. Optional character approval queue, new characters can be set to not be available for use until approved by an admin. Edit a character as many times as you like, until you're done, and then tick Complete to ship it to the staff for vetting. Permission-based character approval override, for those times when you're approving yourself anyway, and it's tedious. Approve or reject characters, rejection simply sends them back into the in-progress status. Set up a character biography however you like, right in the character management screens. Fields can be text inputs, large text areas, select boxes, or image uploads (!!!). Biography fields can be arranged to your liking. Set display position numbers, which it will order by for display in character management and profiles. Decide whether a field displays beside the avatar in profiles, or under it, if you're using the auto-field list, up to you. Character groups can be given their own badges and colours. Anywhere a character name link appears, it will be coloured. Badges can be uploaded directly in the ACP. Characters have their own title, blurb, and signature (at this time, character signatures appear even if signatures are turned off, but will not display in threads if it is off). Posting selector drop-downs in quick reply and on posting screens. Posts go to the character, and swapping between poster will transfer that post in and out of post counts as required. Separate character count, apart from the member count, for display in board stats. Allow unlimited characters, or put a soft cap, or hard cap, on character numbers. (Hard cap does not have an override; if you set a hard cap, mean it). Freely edit any post made by a character that you own. Characters display online/offline status markers, all of them will say they're online if their player is. Characters will have post groups, based on their post count, if such are set up; not the permissions, but the title. Basically, characters look virtually indistinguishable from regular accounts, despite not being an account. Literally automatic thread tracker. Threads that a character posts to will automatically be added to their thread tracker. Tracked threads can be removed, if added by accident (mis-post...), or notes added to the entry, for thread summaries and notes. Semantically speaking, templates can be restructured to display different poster info based on whether it's a character or not. Some Notes:
    You can use BBCode in basically everything in this mod that's a large text area. Yep, bio fields, too. The SubAccount converter is hidden. Visit admin;area=characters;sa=convert to access it. The SubAccount converter is not supported officially. There are too many ways that it can go sour and lose data. Take backups. Pray. Unless I'm doing it for you, I will not be helping with conversion problems. If it makes you feel better, it's converted two boards over for me flawlessly. Some other mods may conflict with this one. I do know already, it will conflict with most Avatar On Board Index-type mods. Anything that goes through a different means to post topics and posts to the board besides the posting screen, will not be capable of flagging for character display, so that's a thing, too. Several other features are planned in future, those will come in versions 1.0.1 and 1.0.2, I don't have a time-line for that as of now. Some things are not pretty, and may be later. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I could've done the templates better, but, here we are. C'est la vie. By default, this mod will be made to support SMF 2.1 when it reaches RC. It was originally built on 2.1 Beta 3, I just back-ported it because 2.1 RC is a ways away. If you are afraid of doing so yourself, I will install this mod for you, and or run the SubAccount converter, for a fee. I will need access to your files and database. If you have any suggestions for, or comments about, this mod, keep them to the comment section here. If you need help with it, post on the board. If you get an error doing anything, I need what you were doing, or trying to do, where in the mod you were (URL is great), and the exact error you got, copy-pasta it for me.
    (Yay, my first public mod release, yay...)


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  2. $20

    IPS Character Manager

    This Mod allows for you to post as multiple personas, characters, alts, etc but not require multiple registrations.
    Features are:
    Per group settings for: Character Accounts Creation Character Account Editing Can delete own characters Can change character group Can moderate characters Can approve characters Can bypass approval Can share characters Can Moderatate characters Character Account Approval as well as the ability to bypass approval. Character accounts are unusable until approved (if approving is enabled). Users are able to change their character without having to edit their post, moderators can change character accounts if they can "moderate characters" as well as reverting to your OOC account. Ability to unapprove a character. Character Groups, no permissions but you can: Create custom group colors and images just like having them in a real separate group Hide Specific Groups from the character list. Ability to globally disable character signatures. Ability to Move characters if they have not been used in X days. Custom Fields with the ability to make most fields mandatory as well as the ability to re-order these fields. Front end Characters list to view characters including the ability to sort by player and post count as well as look at your own character. This displays the mini-profile for the listing. Who's Who list as an alternative to the character list to see which members own which characters easily. Character Group Filtering. Custom Character hover card Display characters avatar in the topic list as well as topic widgets. Front End Character profiles that you can edit in the Theme to make look custom with the code "$character->fields('key')" and the key is set when you are creating the profile field. Profiles include: Cover Photos Recent Post Activity Other characters by this member Custom fields set in the admin panel Include characters in Clubs and club icons in the mini-profile. 2 Custom Widgets, one that is recently active characters with the date of their last post as well as a character count widget to show the count of how many characters are in which group.  
    Support for this mod is provided exclusively here.

    15 purchases   60 downloads

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  3. Free

    IPS Affiliates Database

    This is an Affiliates database that makes managing affiliates a little simpler for busy admins giving you more control and less coding to do. The instructions on how to install and edit it are inside.
    This requires IPS Pages
    Includes the Affiliates Database
    Includes the Affiliates Block Template.
    Support only provided here on the Initiative.


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  4. Free

    Remove Guest Email Field

    Do you advertise an SMF game? Tired of getting yelled at for something in the software you can't change? Telling them it doesn't have to be valid not placating the angry mob?
    This modification will happily get rid of the email field for guests, and fill it in with a filler email to make SMF shut up about it. Because for some dumb fool reason, we're in 2018 and there still is not a setting to turn this off. No more angry guest rants about email fields in cboxes.
    It installs on both 2.0 and 2.1.
    NOTICE!!!!111 If you install this mod on 2.1, and then install a new theme, you'll have to redo the theme modifications on the new themes if they have their own Display.template.php, or their own Post.template.php. Failure to do the Post.template changes will cause the field not to show, but still kick back an error, obviously this is worse for guests than just having an email field presented to them. Not doing Display.template.php and on 2.0, the field will just appear again.

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  5. Free

    Increase Personal Text Limit

    This tiny mod just raises the personal text character limit roof from 50 characters to 5,000. Only makes one change, no biggie. It will install perfectly fine on both SMF 2.0.x and 2.1+, there are install handlers for both, and shouldn't conflict with anything. Note that if you want to later go back to the 50 character limit, those with longer personal texts/blurbs will retain those longer texts until they edit and save their profile again.


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  6. Free


    This is an Invision Power Board 1.3 to phpBB 2 database converter.  The file contains a readme in English, French and German with the usage instructions.  
    It will convert:
    users posts ranks/groups (though permissions will need to be re-set) personal messages forums (though they may need permissions remade)  
    It will not convert:
    avatars polls attachments linked sub-accounts alerts reputation points shop goods/items/points custom BBcode (additionally any uses of custom BBcode will be left as raw html in posts)  
    This file was formerly hosted here but has since been depreciated and removed. This means the file is no longer receiving updates or support. (So please don't bother asking them for help... they won't likely give it.)
    I did not create this file, nor do I maintain it. I cannot guarantee it will work 100% perfectly for you. If you use it, you are 100% on your own.
    I have tested this to work on PHP version 5.3 and 5.4 but I can't guarantee it'll work on 5.5. It will not likely work on PHP 7. 
    The only reason this is being reposted is to aid people seeking to transfer from Jcink or InvisionFree to self hosted software (using phpBB2 as a gateway).
    If you're looking for how to use this file... read this.


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