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No commitment is the worst




I have learnt that nothing can be achieved without full involvement and commitment. That you reap what you sow, and the effort bears fruit. In a hobby, giving yourself without half measures brings the satisfaction of achievement, and many other subsidiary ones.

But it seems most people dont know to live, to give themselves, to commit. They are lukewarm, not inspired, not excited, not invested, lacking any commitment. You cant build a house on sand; you can build it only on stone or on wood frames. Otherwise, the first gust would blow it down. I wish people understood it.

Enthusiasm is not sold in the bakery, to buy two loaves; if you give an idea, you should be prepared to follow it when openly embraced. If YOU cant get inspired by your own idea to actively participate (I am not saying to lead, because I know not everybody is a leader; this I can understand) then why would anybody else be inspired to implement it?

My experience says that when the one who gave the idea is not taking part at all, it is a downer to everybody, and (almost) nobody else would actually participate in said event, no matter how much the staff is supporting the ideas. Usually, when one gives an idea, should be not only willing to be involved, but inspired by said idea to write among the most active people there. I can and I will be really active; but I cant do it all alone, and the others would need your enthusiasm too in order to be persuaded to join.

You are saying that you would like reading this story, but you arent willing to commit to writing it, and you are telling me I might disappear midway, dont rely on me, but I think it is interesting for the whole group You deserve receiving a prize for honesty; a virtual cup full of enthusiasm and inspiration, if I could fill it with what you need the most. But this is not the way to write a story together. I feel this is the recipe for me to remain to write a whole factions story by myself - which wouldnt be the first time, no matter that it wasnt you some of the other times; it was another one or another one, still thinking like you.

What I cant understand is why would you want to disappear, when it is your idea? And if your idea is not good enough to inspire YOU to write it and make it happen, how would it inspire others then? (Except odd cases like me, who can see the potential of a good story everywhere and go for it, and who write even with 38.7 C running fever.)

You should learn to commit in order to achieve something, To make room for all your hobbies in your week, especially when they involve other people too, and to finish what you have started.



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