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I don't care anymore





(Or so I say in this moment; tomorrow I might discover that I am actually caring, and just attempting to grow a shield around myself).


I want to write with everybody, and I see lots of character opportunities which remain unused. No fault of mine; I have shown them to everybody, they have been invited into threads, for certain plots the NPCs and characters for adoption had been publicly advertised, together with their plot opportunities. If nobody is interested, even if there are plenty of interesting opportunities, then what else I can do than writing them alone? I don't see anything bad in writing a story alone; I'd see it as bad if others wanted to join and I didn't allow them. When I keep encouraging them but they don't, then it is up to them, not up to me.


Some promise they would write. They show their interest, in some cases they even post 1-2 posts... then they stop writing. Sometimes they stop any communication, not knowing if they ever intend to return or not. Sometimes they are still here, lurking... but not writing. Sorry, but if you have characters in the story, it means keeping them active, showing initiative, involving them in various plots (eventually without being prodded and invited, but by your own initiative), answering with new ideas when I am asking, in plot threads, "what story twists would inspire you to write more consistently? Which is the story you want to tell?" If you keep silence, it means you don't want anything to happen. And in that case, sorry to tell you, but nothing will happen to your characters whom you keep away even from threads where it would be natural for them to be a part of.


Do you remember the words you have witnessed at the weddings shown in movies?  "If any person here can show cause why these two people should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." You didn't speak when asked. If you kept silence then, it simply means the time to object has passed. You missed the opportunity to be a part of that story. Most likely, deliberately. Then... why complain, when you avoided it and stayed away?


And in these cases, where people join and vanish, or lurk but don't plot and don't write (well, I guess plotting but not writing to make it happen is worse, and it had happened many more times)... why are you  wondering that I am writing alone, and that I find more ideas for plots involving my own characters than yours? Simply because I am tired of empty promises and unfinished stories which, ultimately, still my other characters have to save from the graveyard and lead to completion...


So, yes, I am writing. And I keep writing. I don't care anymore if you do or not. I know I am giving you the right example - it is up to you if you follow it or not, but don't tell me you didn't have the opportunity, because you did. You could have done exactly what I am doing. With me, with others, or all together.


I don't care anymore if you badmouth me for writing alone, when you know my first preference wouldn't be to write alone, but with you and with others. However, don't expect me to trust you again after you have let me down and you have made me to put my creativity on curling pins in order to apply damage control to several abandoned threads and give them a proper ending.

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