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    Graphics The Flood Before the Storm - Challenge Complete

    This challenge you must include raindrops in some way in the image and portray some sort of sadness of your character.
    Maximum image size: 1000x1000
    Minimum image size: 500x250
    Restrictions: Must have water in the image, specifically raindrops. We recommend utilizing unsplash:

    Coding Rain drops keep falling on my head.... - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we're leaving it open palette however it must be predominantly blue. While we know water isn't technically blue we want the template to be. It can be anything you want. We can't wait to see it.

    Writing Pitter Patter - Challenge Complete

    Can you hear it? The heavy purr of the rain outside as it hits your roof and window? The splash as a car hits a large puddle? The thump as it hits your umbrella? The rain?
    Even after its gone, its calming. The smell of it in the dirt the fewer toxins in the air?
    For this challenge your character is to write something that includes it raining outside (during the rain, not before or after although it can include either). Do they like rain? Do they hate it? Tell us.

    Graphics Calendar Challenge: September 2019 - Challenge Complete

    September is the start of rainy season, the month of the forget-me-not and has sapphire as it's birth stone. Take these things and try to use them as inspiration for this months calendar challenge!

    Graphics If I were an Animal - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we'd like a graphic with your character and an animal (or three) that you believe could be them if they were a pet or an animal. We'd like you to channel showing the feature or features that you believe personify it. If it's more personality then include some sort of text to explain it. We want to see the other side of your character.
    This doesn't have to be a wolf if your character happens to be a werewolf. It can be ANY animal you believe your character would be.
    Maximum image size: 1000x1000
    Minimum image size: 500x250
    Restrictions: Must have both a person and an animal in the image. Mythical creatures are prohibited.

    Writing Looking through the eyes of your pet - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want you to post from the eyes of your characters pet or familiar. If your character doesn't have a pet post it from the perspective of someone else's pet or a bystander animal. We want to see your character through a new perspective.

    Coding Goldfish - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want you to make a Thread Tracker using the above Palette. You must include at least 3 colors from the palette.

    Writing The Side Unseen - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want you to to show a side of your character that is rarely ever seen. If your character is a bad ass killer show us that sensitive bit to dogs or their family. For a superhero this could be their alter ego or even a moment when they are powerless. We really want you to dig deep into that elusive muse of yours and show us part of your character that you rarely get to write because its something that other characters have to dig out of them or can only ever catch a glimpse of when they think no one is looking.

    Coding Day to Night - Challenge Complete

    We're going to keep rocking with the color Palette Challenges that go with the challenge themes! This color palette is a day and night palette. You must use at least 3 colors from the palette in your final product but the final product can be any sort of code that you wish! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

    Graphics Duality - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want to see two contradicting or complimentary sides of your character. Please use one of the following templates using one version of the character on one side and the other side on the other. To keep them separated we chose to use black and white to make easy selections in your graphics program of choice.
    Size must be the size of the original template image. (625x625) The white and black aren't necessary and only there to provide a template for your image. The two sides must fit within their part of the template with a clear divide between them. The image should show a duality in your character whether it be two versions of their good nature or the good and evil of it but two different sides and two clearly different themes from one side to the other. Here are the templates:



    Graphics Caliente - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want to go a little on the risque side! We want sexy edging on the side of rated R. The entries must stay PG-13 but if they move that hand, they definitely make it rated R. We want to bring sexy back and want to see what you do with it.

    Coding Summertime Fun - Challenge Complete

    For this Coding challenge we want you to create whatever (App, plotter, etc) and the only requirement is that you include the above colors. You must include at least 3 of the colors in the palette but the rest is up to you!

    Writing Heat Wave - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want your character to react to the worst part about summer, the heat. Whether that's because the AC is out, sweating on the beach, hiding in the AC or whatever! The only restriction is that your character must mention or react to the summer heat.

    Graphics Music Album - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want you to create an album cover for your character (or an entire band of characters). This should reflect something about the character as they are right now as music and art are often intertwined. So if the character just got a broken heart it should probably look melancholy and sad, etc.
    Maximum image size: 1000x1000
    Minimum image size: 500x500
    Image must be square as if it were going on the front of a CD.
    Restrictions: Must have a band or singer name on it and album or single name.

    Coding Get Your Groove On - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge create a plotter, shipper or application that includes a place to link to a playlist or video of some sort. Extra points if you can get the embed to work for it with HTML instructions on how to use it. The actual item doesn't have to have anything else musical about it. Just a way to share a characters groovy jams.

    Writing In the Club - Challenge Complete

    Is your character the wallflower, the get up and dance or the dance only when no one is watching sort? We're dying to know!
    For this challenge we want to put some groove in your characters step and see how they do with some foot tapping music. The music doesn't have to be in a club specifically but they should have music going that they can hear and react to (they must react in some way to the music playing).
    You must link a song on Youtube to give us a feel for what they are hearing (even if its not perfect). Include it at the bottom of your entry.

    Coding Double Sided - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we're looking for a duality sort of code. Whether that be a Playby list with girls on the left and boys on the right or a flip card. Have some fun with it. We're looking for some creativity.

    Writing Find a penny pick it up - Challenge Complete

    For this writing challenge we want you to write an opening post about getting something luckily. Whether that's a scratcher win, lottery win, didn't get hit by that cart on the way past your choice!!

    Graphics Luck is a Lady Tonight - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we're going with gambling!! The image must include some sort of gambling type game or item (we will accept Dice!!) It does not need to include a character if you don't want. You can make simply a template for a signature.
    Maximum image size: 1000x1000
    Minimum image size: 500x250
    Restrictions: Must have a form of gambling included and predominant in the image.

    Graphics Share the Spotlight - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we want you to have some fun with sharing the spotlight. In this challenge you must include two characters in an image of your choosing and they must both have equal importance in the image. Basically you will be creating a blend or scene (whatever your hearts content comes up with) for this with a minimum of 2 characters.
    Maximum image size: 1000x1000
    Minimum image size: 500x250
    Restrictions: Pic ships where existing combined playbys/faceclaims images are banned. This means that the depicted characters must come from two separate images to be combined into the blend requested. An example is Charlize Theron and Sean Bean in images like this:

    However images that they exist separately and combined into the blend are completely acceptable.

    Writing Sharing is Caring - Challenge Complete

    For this writing challenge we want you to write a starter post where your character is either getting sick or already sick or someone gets sick (sneeze or vomit) on them. We love to see your interpretations so have some fun with it!

    Coding Share the Love - Challenge Complete

    For this challenge we're looking for a shipper for people to use. You know that fabulous thing that shows relationships from romance to enemies and some details on them. This can (but is not required to) be combined with a response template for users looking to get their character added or request a plot.
    The shipper doesn't require to have any images and you can go how you think you would like to see it.
    Alternatively you can create a "Shipper App" like we've seen on some sites. Something that provides character information and a shipper all rolled up into 1!

    Coding Who's Who List - Challenge Complete

    Pretty simple coding request. Make a Who's Who Staff template. Be sure that the information is in the code on how to use it! Have fun. They can be basic or fancy!

    Writing The Last Minute Gift - Challenge Complete

    So for this challenge we want you to write a thread starter that has to do with buying the last minute gift that you need for someone. This can be anything, that your character forgot, that it was out of stock, that you've looked everywhere. We're excited to see what you come up with and encourage you to use it on your site when you're done!

    Graphics Meme Me - Challenge Complete

    This challenge is for even those that aren't great with graphics! You can make a custom meme in your editor of choice or you can use a meme generator like this one. The point of this challenge is to make a meme related to your site in some way. No the image doesn't have to be of one of your playbys it can be standard meme material with a site related meme joke.
    Go crazy. Maximum number of entries per person is 5 and each entry can support the same or different sites but the meme should be about the site or characters on the site that you are submitting for.
    Have fun with it. We are excited to see the inside jokes and craziness.
    (The above image is a meme for Dawnbreak).

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    Challenges are posted in a set (one graphics, writing and coding challenge) for each round.

    • Graphics challenges are prohibited from having direct site paraphernalia unless otherwise stated to be allowed in the challenge. This includes logos and site names.
    • Codex challenge entries may not have your copyright line until AFTER voting is completed. You may add it but the staff will hide it until then.
    • Writing challenges should refrain from mentioning site specific names or lore (while we can't fully ask that you do this for some challenges we do ask that it be limited wherever possible).
    • Each round can have up to 3 winners, however the winners must each be unique per set. This means that if you win both the coding and writing challenge you will only win 1 of those 2 challenges and the runner up will be given the first place space. The one that you are chosen for winning will be based on the challenge entry that received more votes overall based on percentage not total votes.
    • You may win 1 time, for any category, once per three rounds. This means if you win this set you will not be eligible to win for the next two sets of challenges for any category for the same site. You are eligible to promote other sites in the interim.
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