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    In 2005, a meteor shower hammered the earth with alien debris that forever altered its atmosphere, poisoning the air, land, and sea with unknown chemicals. These chemicals drastically altered the populace in the days that followed. Then, children were henceforth born worldwide with strange defects, labeled "the scourged." Most would die. The ones who would survive--called "the Powered"--would manifest strange abilities that defied our laws and science.

    The current year is 2051. It's been roughly half a century since the meteor shower. Rather than having been singled out as malformed minorities, the Powered were quick to rise above ordinary human beings, becoming their own society that oppresses the non-powered masses and lords over everyday citizens, using their gifts for selfish gain, corrupt wealth, and despicable luxury.

    Non-powered citizens live in fear of their gifted neighbors, never knowing when undeniable power will come knocking on their doors to render them a victim, a pawn, or a corpse.

    Still, there is light in the darkness. There exist small pockets of rebellion who work together to take down the most corrupt of the Powered. On occasion, these rebels even manage to sway a Powered to the cause--evening the odds, if only slightly. The primary rebel group, Custodes, patrols the streets to help protect the innocent, but will it be enough to keep the world from fully succumbing to corruption and chaos?

    Join the fight for a dark-scourged earth!


    In Summary: We're a darker-themed superpowers roleplay set in New York with original lore--no knowledge of mainstream movies, books, or films required! Our site is rated 3-3-3 and, per Premium, allows Mature Content. We allow 18+ players to join.

    January 1, 2024: Grand Opening!


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