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    Site TLDR: think Game of Thrones meets ancient Rome with a little dash of wuxia. But mostly Game of Thrones.


    I decided recently to dust off and reopen one of my older sites, Messiah. Messiah had been in development since 2016, and it took another 3 years of lore building and adjustment before we were happy with it. We went through a lot of iterations phew. In 2019, it went live and ran for about a year before life's responsibilities got in the way (why am I an adult? Who said I could be an adult???? I didn't sign up for this shit!).


    Unfortunately, I am also working on Vesta Salerno, and uhh I should probably also do my schoolwork and whatnot, and have a wisdom tooth extraction coming up next week... life happens at random, basically. And I could use someone around to help with advertising, greeting new players and getting them going, getting things moving again on the site, general upkeep, you know, stuff like that. If I'm not here, it's just nice to have someone looking out for the place.


    We do not have an advertisement board for drive-bys and are unlikely to ever get one. Primarily our advertising would be on social media, such as Tumblr, and directories. I have this directory handled, but someone else to post and maintain listings on other sites would be perfect.


    Ideally, we'd try things out on a trial basis for a few weeks and see how interested folks gel with the other players, with the site, with the weird way I do things (I am suuuuuuper non-strict), and whatnot, get interested party familiar with the site and its lore, you know get some plotting going and then if things work out, we'd grant moderator status and work from there.


    If you're interested, contact me here or on the site! You can also DM me on Discord, you can find my tag in my profile. Thanks for reading!

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