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  • Death in the Heartland

    Death in the Heartland is an upcoming mature (+18) zombie survival rp that would be similar to something like a table top game. Will be happy to give more examples later if interested.


    It's currently taking place in Kansas City, MO with the ability to expand out later in other regions of the USA. It just depends on the players! The players will get to create characters on day zero of the outbreak and slowly crawl through their new -horrific- life. Nobody knows where the zombie virus came from. It just happened. 


    I am looking for a few staff members who can help me bring this world to light. These staff members would help create scenarios for players, while getting to play the game themselves. I also need help on building the site, though I'm currently close to finishing some things. 


     🧬Biggest thing  I need help with would be creating a tumbler to create site buzzes and advertise before the site finishes its construction. 
    🧬 I would also love some coders to help in creating some templates for the current skin and possible minor little adds and such for future things. The goal is to make something based of skill sets and even options for players to get in the game without really needing to much help  getting sorted and such. 
     🧬 Content creators and overall people to help build the world would also be appreciated. 

    I ask that all who are interested to please be  at least 18 years or older. I am 32 years old and would love like minded individuals who just want a safe and fun environment to play on.  feel free to message me through DIscord;  jonesycat#1266,  I'm always happy to answer any questions. I just would love some help building this! I know it could be fun with the right team! 


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