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  • Forgotten by Time [Moderators]

    Positions hiring for:

    • 1x Community Moderator
    • 1x Operations Moderator
    • 1x Promotions Moderator
    • 1x Recruitment Moderator


    How to apply: fill out this form.


    Information about the positions:

    The Operations Moderator will be responsible for:

    • Check affiliates to ensure they are active & have our button (monthly).
    • Archive communications, wanted ad, and group request threads as requested.
    • Assist admins with end of season archiving of IC threads.
    • Update threads in the Plots & Groups and Businesses & Organisations forums.
    • Check Wanted Ads and Plots & Groups; archive inactive member threads.
    • Read through IC threads and summarise any interesting information for articles.
    • Maintain the Writing Guide and update with useful information.

    The Recruitment Moderator will be responsible for:

    • Advertise the site on other sites.
    • Advertise the site in Discord directories.
    • Advertise the site on Tumblr directories.
    • Respond to site & character requests on directory sites/servers.
    • Check link backs to ensure they have our ad; accept via the multimod.
    • Recruitment of new members via other methods as appropriate.

    The Promotions Moderator will be responsible for:

    • Advertise wanted advertisements on Tumblr directories.
    • Promote characters, plots, and wanted advertisements on our Tumblr.
    • Provide updates on our Tumblr as they are released on site.
    • Promote upcoming events on our Tumblr as they are posted on site.
    • Accept member submissions into our Tumblr queue.
    • Keep our Tumblr active and engaging.

    The Community Moderator will be responsible for:

    • Parse through IC threads for useful information for the Observer/Chronicle.
    • Write articles (1-2 per week) for them and post.
    • Maintain the Writing Guide and update with useful information.
    • Function as backup to Operations and Recruitment Moderators if they are away.

    All Moderators will be responsible for:

    • Welcome new members to the Discord (after they've spoken).
    • Plot with newly accepted members in the Discord if appropriate.
    • Monitor the Discord for rule breaking/inappropriate content.
    • Monitor the site for rule breaking/inappropriate content.
    • Provide members with links to information where possible.


    Other notes:
    We are looking for friendly, dedicated people over the age of 18 who are willing to stick by the site and help make it great. You must be willing to communicate; we would rather know if you later decide it's not a good fit than just have you disappear. Having access to Discord is a requirement of being on the team. If you seem like a good fit for the team, you'll be accepted on a trial basis. This lasts until you've been on the team two or made 10 posts on site, whichever happens first. We want to get a good feel for you, how you fit, and how you handle posting and staff duties.


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