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  • Searching for Mods for Panfandom

    Name of Site: Elusion
    Link to Site:


    We are a unique, active, and exciting panfandom crossover site where you can play just about any canon or original character. Check out our Discord server and join us today!



    • Jcink Premium
    • Members must be 18+
    • Panfandom, Multi-Genre
    • Canons and OC’s Allowed
    • Activity Req: 3 posts per character per month, with excusal passes in case of emergency.
    • Discord Server.
    • Shipper App.
    • New.
    • Friendly.
    • Active.


    Site Plot: After wishing for an escape (either genuinely or fleetingly) characters from television, film, video games, books, animation, musicals, or even TTRPG worlds find themselves in Elusion; a place full of magic, technology, adventure, romance, and mystery.


    Staff Mission Statement: We strive to provide a safe, fun, and active role play environment for our members by cultivating a great community of writers who are respectful, inclusive, friendly, positive, and passionate about the game. Our site simultaneously offers plenty of freedom and plenty of structure. We aim to make it possible for almost any character to both find a home and feel at home in Elusion, and would like to achieve the same for our players.


    Staff Needed: Moderators


    Requirements: We would prefer to have Moderators with graphics, coding, or site management experience, but as long as you are friendly, communicative, can navigate Jcink, Discord, and Google Drive, and are willing to learn, we would love for you to apply.


    Ideal Applicant: Someone who is friendly, communicative, willing to learn, and has some previous rp site staff experience who would enjoy being a part of the site.


    Moderator Tasks: (You can choose which of these tasks you’d like to help with)

    • Reviewing and approving Character Applications
    • Helping conduct the monthly Activity Check
    • Giving members and characters Awards and Badges.
    • Helping plan and run Site Events.
    • Being active and involved in the Discord and helping Newcomers.
    • Moderating Discord, including muting or banning members if necessary.


    We would love for you to join us in this early stage and help us shape the site into the best rp community it can be.

    We currently have over two dozen members and over thirty characters. We are growing by the day! Many canon characters are available to apply for and OC’s are welcome as well. If you have a favorite character in mind which you’d like to play, now is the perfect time to reserve and apply for them.


    To Apply:

    • Take a look around the site and see if it’s something you’d be interested in.
    • Join our Discord at https://discord.gg/MwBHPpeKuS and make sure to read and react to the rules.
    • Message Jen the Admin on Discord and she will link you to the Moderator Application.



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