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  1. Hi and Happy Holidays! Yes, I broke it somehow - again. I was cleaning up a forum in preparation for Aereth's soft launch in 2 weeks. Go Me! I was deleting old, no longer needed posts and have one that won't go away although it seems like it might be semi-deleted. The forum is the Dew Drop In under the Welcome Center section at the top of the site. The topic that won't go away is Progress Updates (see screenshot). Is there anyway that it can be removed? I am having the same issues with removing a User Group (it is curren
  2. Heya! First, if you want support questions put into the main coding and support forum, please let me know. I can't keep what goes where as far as Vesta help questions go. When editing or creating a post, links that are added into the editing window show as a very dark purple. I cannot see them at all to verify spelling, etc. Is there a way to change the editor window link color? I tried firebugging it and got nowhere. Any lighter color that's distinct from the rest of the normal text would work! Thanks!
  3. This is not urgent! I have installed the IPS Character Mod on the smaller (newest) of my two IPS sites. I want to get everything working right before I tackle the larger site as it'll require more account conversions and post author changes. The mod installed smoothly and appears to be working perfectly! Here comes the How Do I part. We currently have a beautiful Character Directory with long and rather detailed bios [Link to Example] thanks to the lovely and awesome @Morrigan. However, I do want to take full advantage of the mod. Is there a way to make the
  4. This is a bit of a strange one. I have been working on skin edits on a test site, before using the finished version on the site I'm going to be using it on. But curiosity got the better of me and I installed it on the other site, to start tinkering with the final touches etc and to just see it on there really. But when I imported the xml file, for some reason there is now no sidebar at all. It is just gone completely. Any help on why this is happening and how to fix it would be so appreciated. I'm lost. Again . -weeps-
  5. The topics in each individual forum are all shoved to one side, lacking any formatting. I'm trying to haphazardly teach myself how to code and because of that, have no idea what I did. Link to site: http://pernunbound.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx Screen shot: Let me know if you need anything else. I'm absolutely clueless.
  6. Alright, so it was recently brought to my attention that the tabs on my application just.... don't work in IE? I went to double check and low-and-behold -- it's SUPER BROKEN specifically in IE. Chrome works; Firefox works; even Edge works. o_O; Sooooo any ideas? Live here Annnnnd here is the dohtml code annnnd the css (in stylesheet)
  7. As the title says, I'm looking for a post row/mini profile for jcink's html templates. The post row/mini profile will be a part of this skin, used on this site once the skin completed. You will get credits and a linkback in the sidebar. I'd like something similar to this with the mini profile stretching in a bar across the top of the post. The account name (with group prefix/suffix) across the top and in a larger font, with roleplayed by (user) under it, along with member group (plain text/no prefix/suffix needed) in a smaller font just below their name. If the account has no
  8. I posted a request for a bbcode template on a proboards resource site about a month ago, but no one took it on and I got no reply even though I asked if there was a problem with it (because coders I find can be a bit funny sometimes.) This is why I'd like a proper guide with all the bbcodes that work in proboards and showing me what it does so I can make them myself without having to ask someone to do it for me. The proboards guide only shows you how to do the simple stuff. (I only said I wasn't bothered about a deadline because I didn't want it to look like I was being pushy with it.) Any hel
  9. So, I broke my board and i am not sure how to fix it x.x I removed a sidebar that wasn't looking right. It's one I put in myself and I removed all the codes exactly and it was fine before the install and now it looks like that. http://thewaltzingdead.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx
  10. I'll admit it, the main reason I loved the new Proboards Interface so much is that its great for people like me who are lazy when it comes to coding. I'm sort of a noob and don't usually have the time or patience to do style codes from scratch. But for my new board I switched to Jcink hoping to be able to go into Mature Mode with it if I get enough life into the place. Right now I'm still in the middle of setting everything up, but the board is located here: http://onyxtreaty.jcink.net/ . I'm using a slightly modified version of the BRACKISH skin by xexes. What happened was, when
  11. Hey, Initiative! I need help trying to make easy-to-use post templates using MyCode. I would like to offer some simple and easy post templates for my upcoming rp but I don't want to deal with having to walk members through using DoHTML on MyBB, which can be tricky and overcrowded. So I was wondering whether MyCode could be used in the same vein of Jcink's custom BBCode feature. These are the two code's I've made that I would like to make into BBCode post templates: <div class="post1a"><div class="post1b">look, a post template!</div></div> <di
  12. Hi! My current issue is that I am trying to figure out how to create a responsive grid layout (two columns for the forums/boards) on Jcink, similar to what you have here; however, a lot of the information out there is "outdated" and were made prior to the introduction of the HTML Templates. I am currently new to Jcink and I've spent days trying to learn how to use it and while I've figured some things out, this still evades me no matter what I read/look at so I feel a little way in over my head on where to start to get this going! Also my other issue is that I would l
  13. Hey guys! So i've got a roleplay forum and i used a postbit code from here but its not showing relative fields. Postbit code: <div class="pbhover" style="background:{$post['fid14']};"> <img src="{$post['fid12']}" style="padding:3px; border:1px solid {$post['fid15']};"><br> <div class="pbusertitle" style="color:{$usergroup['gid']};">{$post['usertitle']}</div> <div class="pbb" style="border-bottom:1px solid {$post['fid15']};"></div> <div class="pbcontent" style="color:{$post['fid17']};"> <b>Irkı:</b> {$post['fid19']}<
  14. Good Day, I might have to go back to the IPS support site for this, but the answers I got there previously really didn't help at all (one said mods interfered and one said that it was an issue in the theme - I use the same theme at both of my sites). Here is the issue.... On posts at Site #1, there is a tiny icon in each post's header (topic starter and replies). Which, when clicked, pops up a window with a link to that specific post... We use this alot for adding our tags to our Discord channel because since
  15. I may be putting this topic in the wrong place. If so, am sure Morrigan will tell me to move it. Here's a little background: In the past, as a Game Manager/Admin, I have had nightmare players slip through the chinks in my character applications/bios. By that, I mean suddenly adding all kinds of things not accounted for in the bio (powers, skills, abilities, etc). When taken to task over it and told to rewrite, there is an all-out fight because the bio/app did not ask for that information. As a result, I have gone the paranoid Admin route and tried to cover everything in my bio form
  16. I know I'm making this about 20 times harder than it needs to be because I didn't originally code this skin with mobile devices in mind. This skin has been... 2? years in the making. Ahah. I always told myself I'd get around to looking into mobile-specific stuff "in a few more days" or "once this piece of code is finished." And now the entire skin is pretty much done... Except for a more mobile-friendly version. lmao Sooo... Where do I even start? I have a basic media query (pointer:coarse because looking at the list of media queries for all the different devices out there scares
  17. As promised, the how do?! topic. I'm in the customFieldsDisplay template and am attempting to call the custom profile fields individually with no success. I've tried a few codes... <h4> <div>Age {$fields['core_pfieldgroups_2']['core_pfield_2']|raw}</div> <div>Age {$author->fields['core_pfieldgroups_2']['core_pfield_2']|raw}</div> <div>Age {$author->field['core_pfieldgroups_2']['core_pfield_2']|raw}</div> <div>Age {$author->contentProfileFields['core_pfieldgroups_2']['core_pfield_2']|raw}</div> <d
  18. I've recently just started offering free hosting services for RPG admins. So far I've only had to create sites from the beginning for those wishing to start their own place, however I now have a fully created and active RPG wishing to move to my hosting as their host will be shutting down some time in 2018 (so I have plenty of time to get this done just need to start doing my research now and the sooner the better so it's over with for everyone). Unfortunately I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to transferring a forum from one host to my own host/server as well as how to t
  19. Heya. Baby coder here. I mean baby. Like infantile. So my board is on jcink and I'm looking for a way to add graphic images to the side panel of the posters. Particularly groups of admins, but, at the same time, if possible, not change the groups. For example. If someone was a werewolf, and they were in the werewolf group. They could also be a "Staff" and have a graphic saying "Staff". I have all the graphics done myself, it's just how do I apply these terms and pictures to the profiles? @_@
  20. So, basically I have a million characters. And I know next to nothing about coding. What I'm after is an accordion style shipper in which I can condense my hoard down to boxes with their names that can be clicked and brought open with more information: Picture, personality, relationship, etc. Bonus points if I can colour coordinate/organize said boxes into groups. Extra bonus points if its easy to copy/paste to add more characters. Any suggestions?
  21. Okay I'll be frank with you I have no clue how to code or add things however I was told I could ask for someone to install the theme I'm wanting installed the theme in question is this: Run & Hide [MyBB] The forum in question I'd love it to be placed on is: Equilibirum It'd also would be great if you could explain how to add buttons,where to go to do the banner and staff images also is there any way to be able to have a mod put in so that user groups have their own custom colors? Thanks a bunch if one of you do this for me
  22. So this is an issue I've been struggling with for a while. I figured I'd put it out here to see if maybe anyone has any ideas on how to fix it. The problem is that, for whatever reason, I cannot get phpmail to function. Whenever an email is supposed to be sent it doesn't go. I've checked my logs for: MyBB (tools->email logs, system logs, etc...) and var/spool/mail/ but there's nothing there. Checking /var/logs/maillog reveals this: Mar 16 21:13:38 server sendmail[14968]: u2H1Dcq0014968: from=apache, size=825, class=0, nrcpts=1, msgid=<201603170113.u2H1Dcq0014968@local
  23. So I have a self-hosted site using mybb structure/coding. I've moved over from Jcink and I'm not all familiar with the layout and what can/can't be used from the stuff we have already on jcink. Basically we would like to have our OOC forums side by side, and our IC forums stacked one on top of the other and we're not sure how to accomplish that. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful resources for Mybb, or any tips they could share to make this happen. Not sure if I need to give any more information but happy to provide just let me know! Any help is appreciated <3
  24. I am so confused. https://www.pirate-rp.site/index.php You need to use a mobile view, so inspect element away! Open up the menu up top. The menu sits on top of everything except the header's H2 and the forum images. Why?? ul.mobile-menu-content { position: relative; z-index: 9999; padding-top: 2rem; background: rgba(44, 105, 99, 1); list-style-type: none; text-align: center; font-size: 2rem; flex-direction: column; justify-content: space-between; } I can fix it by getting rid of the relative positioning on both the hea
  25. I'm using IPS. I tried to make a joining application using the editor section. I used custom code for display, and unfortunately now the editor code (bolds, italics, etc) is now removed. Is there a way where I can make it so the editor codes work? Thanks 🙂
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