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Found 4 results

  1. I suppose I've got lots of questions popping into my head for the roleplay community. This next one centers around the topic of gender preference when writing your characters. If your characters are predominantly transgender, please vote using their gender identities. One of the things I've noticed as I poke around different roleplay groups and resources is the predominance of discussing issues stemming from player preference. What I refer to when I say this: I've seen several players and site owners show concern for whether the lack of interest in their stories stem from their preference to play a specific gender. Others express feeling as if they are forced to play a gender they don't enjoy playing just to drum up any interest at all. Personally, I've almost always written female characters. However, as I endeavor to grow as a roleplayer and writer, I've started to explore characters that I normally don't create. For me, this means writing males, which I've discovered I'm not as good at as I hoped. I don't know if it's because of my internal monologue, or the fact that I have little to no clue how to write men. (It's probably the latter, considering in the book world we often bemoan men's depiction of us when they write women.) So my question is this: do you have a preference for what gender your characters are? Have you ever felt forced to write a character you didn't want to write in order to find plots because of a lack of interest in your preference for plotting purposes?
  2. As roleplayers and fans of existing fandoms, what are your thoughts on implementing major non-canon plots in-game? I'm kicking off a Dragon Age pbp rpg but, as a GM, I like to mix things up between canon and non-canon plots, especially when there's timeline gaps between canon narratives and/or game releases. I'm calling my non-canon plot "Scions of the Land" (check out the teaser image attached). Is it wholly lorebreaking to take creative liberties? Or should we provide players with more narratives so they can branch out a little? Personally, I'm of the latter school of thought, but I'm interested in hearing about other non-canon plots that GMs from other fandom rpgs have tried out. What did you name yours, and why? Was it a successful plot in-game? If yes, what made it work? If no, why do you think it floundered? Did you put a cap on how many players could be involved? What inspired you to buck tradition and try out a different, non-canon direction in the first place?
  3. I might be a bit old fashioned, but the new fangaled way of replying to shippers (where someone posts on your shipper, and then in response you post on their shipper) just... I'm not sure if I can wrap my head around it. If you prefer it this way, can you tell me why you like it? I like old fashioned shippers where you just reply to one thread, so you can easily read the conversation. (Then again, I come from the era of plot pages where it was lyrics and you just chose the relationship from the lyrics and went from there.... anyone else? lmao) I'd just really like an open conversation about different preferences for shippers. I'm willing to get the reply to mine, I reply to yours way, but I'm having a hard time understanding!
  4. So this is a problem I've encountered several times as a staff member on sites and that always leaves me scratching my head on what to do. So I've decided to turn to you all for help on how to approach this. Here is the gist - Member A creates great characters. She has a ton of amazing ideas, she writes extremely well, and she always brings her A game when it comes to plotting - in fact, she's plotted some amazing things with just about every character on the board. She's fun and always coming up with new plot twists that can involve many characters to help tie them together. She's chatty in the c-box, super welcoming to new members and their characters, and is a very warm presence in the community. BUT, she rarely writes a post. In the past, we've instituted activity checks where you need X amount of IC posts between X and X dates, but Member A always manages to make that for the check. Afterward, her posts will die down again until it's been a month or more since she made an IC post. It's not like she's gone or has told us that her real life is interfering with her activity - I'm always extremely accommodating when it comes to that for all members. She's in the c-box regularly and is privately DMing (either with me, other staff, or other members) about plotting and whatnot. In my current case, we talk all the time, and one of her characters and mine are extremely close. I'll gently nudge her with a "hey, when am I gonna see a reply in x thread?" and gush about the current IC situation and how I need it to continue. We'll then continue to plot a little and talk about what should happen and what would go down if X happened, etc. But then I'll never see a reply until there's another activity check. Its very disappointing because I'm very excited about the plots we've come up with, and they're even integral to what I want in my character's development. And I really do love Member A - she's more than just a writing partner at this point, she's my friend. Which is why it's so hard for me to approach her and give her the hard line "post or you're out." Is there something else I should be doing to encourage Member A to post? Is there a way to go about this without giving an ultimatum? I really don't want to boot her from the game, but I'm getting tired of the endless plotting with no results.
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