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Video Game Inspired Event!

NIGHTMARE ZERO'S POPULARITY ON THE RISE A recent new video game released at the beginning of this year has gamers from all over Nyxis flocking to play. The video game, which is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is set in a fantasy land called Sedna, where players can choose a character from several different classes to explore, fight monsters, interact with other players, and more. The open-ended plot of the game, which involves taking on jobs, fighting monsters



Horn & Tail Factions In Trouble!

SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS REPORT The condition that has been sweeping Nyxis' Horn and Tail factions has become a full-blown epidemic. No Horn or Tail is completely unscathed by now. Some are reporting an increase in nightmares and nightmare-related insomnia. After using their abilities, those of the Horn and Tail factions have also reported feeling a terrible compulsion to harm themselves or those around them. The more often an ability is used or the more powerful the skill, the worse these c



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