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Assorted thoughts on RP and life in general.

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RPGaDay2021 Prompts Days 5: Community

I find community to be overrated and underrated.     It’s overrated simply because of how people are doing things wrong. Currently there is the expectation of mandatory Discord servers. This screams, “I don’t want people with PTSD, anxiety disorders, or just introverts on my site.” This would be okay if many of these sites didn’t have mandatory “trigger warnings” (I put this in quotations as most sites don’t actually have trigger warnings, I’ll go into this with Safety). I’ve also foun

RPGaDay2021 Prompts Days 3 & 4: Risk and Reward

I’m combining day two and three prompts into a single topic. Risk and reward are why we do anything in life.    I’m very much an introvert like many in the rp world. It’s hard for me to put myself out there into the world even when I feel better doing so. Fear will cause me to get in my own way. Looking at the various threads on rp resource forums can make that worse. It’s often where people come as members, staff, or owners to vent. Suddenly, I develop new fears. The what ifs go throu

RPGaDay2021 Prompts Day 2: Plan

When it comes to planning an rp site, I have a philosophy that either you should come up with new and interesting lore or break down the reasons that prevent people from joining.   Ideally you should do both, but having unusual lore can often mean having more to read, which creates a barrier. I’m a strong believer when creating a site; you should have goals in mind beyond “I have some characters I want to play and a couple of ideas for a setting.” That’s a starting point, but not the e

RPGaDay2021 Prompts Day 1: Scenario (and Shandification)

Despite the fact that the amount of tabletop roleplaying I have been fortunate to experience can be counted on one hand, I follow what’s going on in that world closely. I look to it for ideas, concepts, and similarities in the socio-political sphere. Each year there is a prompt calendar in August for the tabletop roleplaying world to answer in whatever way they see fit. I’m rather quiet and being a new member of staff, I thought I would partake. It also helps promote my site I plan to open up af

Go Gonzo!

I bought rpgs tabletop books called Cha’alt, which I can best summarize as a mix of Zardoz and Dune (at least before I can sit down and read it). If you’re familiar with other tabletop games, think Dark Sun, with a decent chance the Kool-Aid man will break out of a random wall that you’ll have to fight. It contains a massive black pyramid dungeon as it’s main centerpiece.   Here’s part of a review: “If anything, the “Hail Gonzo!” room perhaps best exemplifies the dungeon: There, a stat

Character Profile: Agostina Scordato

Character Name: Agostina Vaide Vitalia Scordato     Nicknames: Stina, Double V, V Age: 32 Date of Birth: May 31, 1985 Sex: Female Orientation: Pansexual Occupation: Heist Coordinator, Security, Enforcer Height: 5'3 Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown   Playby: Dana DeLorenzo Places For This Character: Modern Fantasy, Cyberpunk   Likes: 1. Sex (With Friends) 2. Violence 3. Getting High  

Mistress Of The Obvious

Mistress Of The Obvious

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