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Isa's Wants and Needs

Lady Isadorabelle



Okay, aside from the $1mil I need, there are some other things that I'd dearly love that are role play related. This seems like a good post to start it off on!

  1. Time. Like seriously, can I just be Piper from Charmed and stop time to do rp stuff in the middle of my day? Because I think that's the only way it'll happen.
  2. Time. It gets a second one because it's that damn important.
  3. A Star Trek rpg. Like, Deep Space Nine. I love my Cardassians, and my Vorta (sexy little bastards).
  4. Doctor Who role play, preferably Nine's era. Because I love my 9.
  5. Time. Did I mention that one already?
  6. Benedict Cumberbatch. I just want him, period.
  7. A new house (that's not part of this, and it's more of a need, but I thought I'd throw it in there in case any of you have a spare one floating around. Beachfront works for me.)
  8. Sherlock Holmes. A sexy beast that man is. A great rp it would be, I am certain.
  9. To be able to talk like Yoda at will. I think I can type like him, maybe?
  10. A Harry Potter rpg. I want to ship Snape and my OFC. Seriously.
  11. Another Star Trek set after the latest new movie. Khan should be involved. And why? I refer you to 6.

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