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Time and random bits



Since returning from my break from RP and now back in full admin role. It has made me aware of how important some things are to the survival of a site, and how going on a hiatus may change how people treat you. I used to help many people get their sites going, offering help, advice, and time to help. When I have asked for the same things now I have received radio silence? It hurts to think that the help I gave was so easily forgotten. That being said, there have been many people who have been supportive, and completely believed in me. Even during the more difficult times. 


I'm determined to remain active. I'm currently caught up on all my threads, and working on revising the Canon list, along with other information on the site to clarify or encourage members. I'm beginning to slowly feel like my old self again. My mental health has improved. I've worked hard on improving every aspect of my life, and I feel my writing is better for it. I don't dread things or procrastinate. I take my time yet get them done. I set goals and I meet them now. I expect to be treated with respect and treat others with respect. 


I learnt some lessons, especially recently about how your vision for your site can be changed, and if you let it, people will use a lapse in an owner being around to mold a site to being what they want it to be. 


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That is normal. The site is a living thing, and it belongs to those who write actively. If you have been aside, you didn;t have a vote on the current affairs. And if you return, you are welcome, but your hiatus had been long and people might fear you are going to vanish again. Some are newer. Some don't remember you too well...

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I disagree. I still owned  and paid for the site.  The expectation for me to be perfectly accommodating to things that changed the site culture to a point where it was no longer recognisable, and things that killed the site for many. But on the other hand to expect me to near enough ask permission to change things on my own site. That is what I have a problem with. 


As for vanishing. That won't happen again. 

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