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8. Bruh, War Flashbacks




A tiny rant brought to you by /r/TalesFromTechSupport

Pro-Tip: Not knowing anything and realising that you don't is infinitely better than knowing a small amount of something and thinking you're tough shit. I promise you, if you recognise your own ignorance and embrace the opportunity to learn, you're already better than 98% of the end users people like myself have to deal with every day. I promise you.


And this can be extended to anything else. New RP genre you've never played in before? Check. Fandom you're unfamiliar with? Check. Doing things differently in the grocery store? Check. Listen, ignorance is remediable. Ignorance is not a problem. Anyone worth their salt will be more than happy to help you if your honest interest in learning is there. You're always going to run into something you don't understand that well, but that's why there are other people around to help. Being an insufferable jerk-off is not remediable. If you come to me like "Okay idk what anything is, I'm sorry I'll be a pain in the behind," I already fucking like you, because it means you recognise your own ignorance and have already accepted that there are going to be things you don't know, and that is great. That means I can do my job, and you'll be listening to me, not fighting me at every step of the way and questioning my intelligence because you read a Wikipedia article once.


Stop being sorry for ignorance. Be sorry for superiority complexes gained from five minutes on Google.

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