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10. I need to bitch.




Back in July of last year, I started playing The Sims 4 again. After Realm of Magic was released, I started playing and stayed playing and anyone that's ever played The Sims knows how hard it is to stay interested in it sometimes. Anyway, I got on this kick and I kept playing, and TLDR I'm still playing. LMAO I started formulating a story in my head based on the interactions between the Sims in the game and in November of 2019, this turned into Throw Me Away, a short quick Sims fic that I posted on the official Sims forums. I had more lore than that and back-story and world-building that I wanted to expand on in my head, so I was going to do a sequel, and then decided that I was doing two sequels and a prequel. Oh, and a rewrite of TMA, too, and this series altogether became Of Frost and Fire. I also started a Sims RP site based on the lore that I came up with for OFAF, which was running since Christmas.


At the end of February, a semi-big name in the Sims community joins Simprovise. I took a step back from being an admin to deal with some personal issues and this person immediately attacked my substitute admin for 'stealing' from his comic. What'd we steal? Blood-bonding, fairies, the concept of humans stealing magic from fairies, vampires being possessed instead of undead, and Morgyn Ember being agender and getting a biology degree. Hmm. Vampire: The Masquerade, Celtic mythology, Lineage II among other things, Vampire: The Masquerade, and the actual settings on the fucking Sim. Also biology isn't a weird degree to get. Morgyn has a twin brother, you might've seen him around here before, he's been my avatar for like ever, and he has a heart condition. Morgyn's motivations for taking biology is the hope that someday the science and magic might converge and lead to Morgyn saving this brother's life. So there's an in-universe REASON why Morgyn took that degree specifically.


Ever since then we've been dealing with this idiot off and on, and I believe I just got an anon message on Tumblr from one of his lackeys yesterday (can't tell, they all smell the same to me). At this point, I don't even know what the fuck this idiot wants anymore, and quite frankly I don't think he knows either. He sounded creepily possessive of me at the start of this and then turned on me when I repeatedly rejected his attempts at "protecting" me from my friends so tbh this whole ordeal doesn't have great connotations. The only thing that makes me feel better is this psychopath lives in Italy, and thus is a whole pond away from me.


I don't know. Some part of me wants to quit the fic, quit the site, quit the fandom, and just ignore other people play this stupid game and be left alone in peace. I don't have to deal with this shit. The other part of me doesn't want to let some idiot halfway across the world manage to make me stop doing something I enjoy because they can't come to grips with reality. I mean seriously, how fucked up do you have to be to think you were the first agender to ever agender? Please. You're a couple thousand years too young I'd bet.


Anyway. If anyone wants to read it, you're welcome to ask for the link. Otherwise, send me some good vibes cause I can really use it right now. I'm running out of the patience and mental fortitude to deal with this shit.


At least I'm used to being the bad guy.


P.S. It's funny that you need to make it out like I stole from you to make yourself look even half as good as me.

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You cannot reason with unreasonable people! Do not let someone destroy what you seriously enjoy. You will always have my love and support, dear heart!

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Belated huggles and loves and good vibes to you! And don’t quit because of someone’s poorly trained crotchgoblin. 😜 You’re a wonderful writer and I know first hand how passionate you are about your Embers.

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