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About this blog

A blog where a techie-coder rambles about techie-coding things. And also talks about things they're doing with their mods. And also posts updates about said mods. And probably screms and crais a bit. Occasional guest appearances by technology woes, complaining about SMF, and art-things. Hi, my name's Arceus, coding became my life somehow, I do PHP/HTML/CSS, themes and mods for SMF, and I'm Powered by Salt. If you're interested in SMF, I'm the one to watch, I guess. I'm also writing my own RP-angled software called Gaia. Enjoy my musings and ramblings.

Entries in this blog

10. I need to bitch.

Back in July of last year, I started playing The Sims 4 again. After Realm of Magic was released, I started playing and stayed playing and anyone that's ever played The Sims knows how hard it is to stay interested in it sometimes. Anyway, I got on this kick and I kept playing, and TLDR I'm still playing. LMAO I started formulating a story in my head based on the interactions between the Sims in the game and in November of 2019, this turned into Throw Me Away, a short quick Sims fic that I posted


Arceus in wot

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